November 2018


The Family Care Program has been running for almost a complete year now. Early on in the program our team quickly saw that there was also a need for education. As a result, last month we opened our first kindergarten class! The class currently has 11 children all from the Albesti Village. The Albesti Village is a small village where you’ll find about 300 people living without electricity, gas or running water. Their only source of water is a small stream that runs through it’s valley which is mostly contaminated by livestock and garbage. In this village, there are roughly 150 children and less than 10% of those children manage to make it through school each year.

The children in our school are picked up from their homes each morning; they are bathed, given uniforms, fed breakfast and then participate in our school program. They are excited each day as they learn new things and are loved on by our team. We have received an incredible response from the community and are already coming up with plans to be able to accommodate many more children!




Our team has been amazed by how much the presence of structure helps kids find safety and confidence. We have seen behavior changes and kids who have never participated before find their voices. During one of our weekly lessons, a little girl started singing a song about sitting at His feet in response to the lesson that was being taught. Her song encouraged all of the other children and ended up leading the whole group into a time of worship! It was such a beautiful moment to see them really capture the heart of what was being taught!



Aldair Salvador Valenzuela Moran is twelve years old and has been part of our Family Care Program in Tijuana, Mexico for seven years! His parents have also been on staff with us for several years as well. A few weeks ago, Aldair accompanied his mom on one of our outreach programs in one of the surrounding communities. As they served together, he began experiencing God’s love for those around him! Aldair was forever marked by that night as he witnessed people receiving Jesus as their Savior. Now, Aldair volunteers at outreach every Tuesday and has a hunger to see people encounter Jesus and know that they have a loving Father.

Let’s Make Christmas Unforgettable!

Christmas will be upon us before we know it. If you would like to help us make this Christmas

and unforgettable one for our kids, please contact us at: or 619.661.9232.


October 2018


In Tijuana, Mexico we have education programs from preschool through high school, a Family Care program for after school hours, as well as a school of ministry. We recently began a new trimester which means the campus is full of growth and new life!

In the surrounding communities it is not unusual for teenagers to dropout of school before completing jr high or high school to help contribute to the families finances or care for their younger siblings. The accessibility of our education programs alongside our Family Care program, allow us to help children of all ages complete their education. This year, we are beyond excited to have eight of our high school graduates beginning their first trimester in the School of Missions!

It is a privilege to pour into, encourage and equip kids who would normally not be able to complete their education. Please pray for all of our students, that they would continue to grow, learn and experience His presence everyday.




In Romania our team is seeing incredible testimonies come from the daily time of worship and devotions with the children in the Family Care program! From the very beginning, the children loved these times of worship because they love music and dancing. Our team quickly realized that although the children were enjoying themselves, they were not fully aware of the power of their worship. Through the intentionality of the team, we have seen the children fully take on this mantle of worship. Each day they are being filled with His presence and encountering the Father’s love!

Recently, three different boys, each from a different group, shared that they had seen a beautiful, yellow angel during worship. It is our joy and privilege to help usher them into encounters of love with their heavenly Father and teach them to listen to His voice.



This month in Nicaragua at the outreach feeding program, our team shared on the power of prayer with the children. In this program you will find children and young adults that live on the streets and most are addicted to drugs.

After teaching about prayer, our team asked if any of them wanted to be prayed for specifically. Howard, a twenty-year old that has been on the streets since he was a child, quickly raised his hand. The team and the other youth laid hands on Howard while he wept as we shared our Father’s heart for him. Later that day, he completely opened up with our team! We are blessed to be able to continue loving, praying and connecting with him since!

Please continue to pray that our team experiences more breakthrough in building relationship with the people of this beautiful nation.

September 2018


Each fall the RDSN Mexico base of The Mission welcomes students and families from across east Tijuana to experience a new approach to education, an education that is committed to developing the whole child; body, mind and spirit. Our founders, Steve and Cathy Horner, began this program because they saw a need in the surrounding colonias. There were many families who had two working parents; which would often mean that the children would be left home unattended during the day and would not go to school. Through our Family Care Program and schools, we are able to help keep families together, all while providing an excellent education, two meals a day and transportation to and from their homes. This month we began a new trimester with over 350 children enrolled in our different programs! Please join us this school year by praying that our teachers would be filled with love, creativity and wisdom and that each child experiences the love of God as they learn.



RO_Sept_2 copy.jpg

Our feeding program in Romania serves children from many different villages and areas of the city. This is actually quite unusual in their culture; as most of the locals tend to not be very welcoming towards the Gypsy villages that surround their city or even towards immigrants that live in town. A few members of our team were in the city center when they ran into Princess. She is a young girl from Albești, one of the Gypsy villages just outside of town where our team does outreach every Wednesday. Princess was there with her mother, begging for money, in the town center. With permission from her mother, our team took the opportunity to take Princess out for a good meal! We were so blessed with the opportunity to love her in this way. The kindness that the staff at the restaurant showed by helping us translate, and even playing music for her to dance to, just shows that the walls that have been separating the people of this beautiful nation will not be standing for long!


In the beautiful nation of Nicaragua, our team provides a home for teenage boys who, otherwise would probably be found fending for themselves on the streets. Our hope is to create a safe place for them as they mature and discover what it means to be a child of God. This month, we have seen breakthrough as two of our older boys found jobs! Vanega, who has been with us for four years, has recently found work in the local market. Victor, who has also been with us since the beginning, has began pursuing his passion of cutting hair. Our heart is to not only provide care and safety for these boys, but to also teach them that hard work is a key part of life and will help guide and give them purpose in their journeys! We are so proud

School Supplies

As we receive more and more students to our education programs on each of our bases, we are in search of partners who would like to join our effort by helping provide for our constant growing list of school supplies.

pencil sharpener

construction paper

liquid glue

thin markers

paints & brushes


various art supplies


geometry kits

Eng-Spanish dictionaries


binder paper



glue stick

colored pencils


thick markers



Feel like doing even more? For a more extensive list of needs visit

August 2018


This summer, we have hosted over 1,200 people from all over the world. We are overwhelmed by the love and generosity that was poured out by all those who have served alongside us! In July, for the Jesus Culture Missions Experience, we had the privilege of teaching, equipping and activating over 400 participants with tools to bring heaven to earth. Jorge, a JCME participant from Tijuana, felt the Holy Spirit lead him to a specific home during the outreach track and knew that he was supposed to pray for healing for someone living there. As he began talking to the woman who lived there, she shared that one of their relatives was in the hospital in Sonora, Mexico and was not doing very well. Jorge prayed for her relative over the phone and later on that afternoon, as they were about to leave the community, the woman excitedly ran up to Jorge! She was overjoyed to share that her relative had been completely healed and the doctors were sending him home!

Summer Internship Program
Each summer we host a VBS program for the children in our orphanage, family care program and local communities. This program creates a safe place for children when they aren’t in school and is especially helpful to the families who have two working parents! We feed, care for, and have fun with the kids five days a week! It is an honor to not only create a fun summer for them but to also set aside time each day to usher them into encounters with the Lord. This year we have been blessed with fifteen summer interns! They are doing everything from facilitating VBS to lifeguarding. If you are interested in applying for our summer internship program next year, you can read more at



At 15 years old, Norlan was unable to live with his family due to emotional abuse. Upon learning his story, we welcomed Norlan into our home for at risk youth in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Since joining our family in March of 2018, he has flourished! He was enrolled in school for the first time in his life and has developed close bonds with our staff and the other boys living in the home. Norlan continues to surprise us with his love of others, selflessness and personal growth. We are amazed at how far he has come and are excited to see where God will lead him!



Meet Adi and Gabriel. Both of them are enrolled in our family care program and both are excellent examples of the love of Jesus! Adi, is nine years old and lives in a nearby village with his single mom, twin brother and little sister. Their mother works long hours in order to provide for their family and oftentimes, Adi and his siblings are cared for by their grandmother. Gabriel, who is also nine years old, lives with his eight siblings and both of his parents. Gabriel’s parents struggle to meet their large family’s day to day needs. During one of our Family Care Program activities, Adi noticed that Gabriel didn’t have shoes. The very next day, Adi brought a pair of his own shoes to give to Gabriel! The joy that Adi had as he gave his shoes to Gabriel was evident and the joy that Gabriel had as he received his very own pair of shoes was beautiful! As we continue to teach our children that the solution to the needs surrounding them resides within them, our hope is that they take what they learn back to their homes and families! Adi and Gabriel have done just that and we are so proud.


July 2018


Jonathon Enrique was brought to us in 2012 with his older brother Jesus.  Through the years Enrique has grown into a very smart and handsome young man, excelling in sports and building strong relationships with his fellow students and leaders! Enrique began the 5th grade this year and in the beginning it was proving to be quite the challenge for both him and his teacher.  Our education team quickly began forming a plan of action!  They all knew how intelligent Enrique was and his ability to learn quickly proved to be an essential key in his fast turn around.   After a few months of hard work the director of the school met with Enrique telling him,  “I believe in you! You are so smart and we believe that you are ready for the next step.  We are promoting you to 6th grade!”  Enrique was shocked; his hard work paid off!  That morning, he excitedly walked over to his new classroom with a fresh hope for his future.  Enrique continues to thrive in his 6th grade classroom and has become one of the top students.  This July, he will graduate and advance to the junior high!  We are so proud and honored to have him in our family!



There is growth happening in Romania!  We have recently accepted 15 new children, from two different villages, into our family care program.  We are so excited to see unity developed between villages as their children begin to build friendships with one another.   In May we began introducing a time of worship for the children in our family care program.  During this time, we are able to teach the children what worship is and why we do it; we are coming together as a family, to love God and to be loved by Him!  During one of these services, one of our boys shared that he experienced God’s presence and joy for the first time!  It is such an honor to be able to create a space where children can learn how to worship our heavenly Father.  Please continue to pray with us as we introduce these families to the love of our Father!



Our feeding program in Matagalpa feeds anywhere from 50 to 150 children each day.  We are overwhelmed by the response of each and every child that walks through our doors and it is an honor to love them in this way!   Two sisters, five and eight years old, have attended our program since the beginning.  They both live in extreme poverty and suffer from neglect, hunger, malnutrition and abuse; often they are left to fend for themselves while their single mother is away.  It has been a joy to show them the love of Jesus every time they join us for the feeding program.  Since being a part of the program, we’ve seen them begin to feel more and more at home with our team!  Now, they run through the gates and greet us with big smiles and hugs; wrapping their arms and legs around us!  Please continue to partner with us in prayer as we love these girls and the many others who join us each week.

June 2018


On April 19th the population of Nicaragua began rising up against their government in protest of new laws that affected social security.  The government responded with force causing tragedy and fear in the hearts of the people.  In the midst of this movement, our team in Nicaragua has been gathering people together to pray and seek His face.  Recently, they held a gathering in the main park in the city of Matagalpa and cried out to the Lord in unity to heal this country. We believe with our whole hearts that the Lord has a bright future for this beautiful nation and it’s strong, passionate people! Thank you for your prayers for the team at our Nicaragua Base.  We ask that you continue partnering with us as we intercede for guidance for the people of this beautiful nation, wisdom for its government leaders and most importantly that heaven will continue to invade this nation like never before!



Nelu, a man from Sighisoara, was radically healed at one of our Worship Nights.  When he first walked into the church he physically felt heaviness beginning to  lift and be replaced with a great freedom in his body and soul.  For years, Nelu had been struggling with back pain and when our team began to pray for him he was able to bend over for the first time in years!  The next day, when he went to work, all of his colleagues were asking him what had happened because they noticed that something was different about him.  Nelu was able to share his testimony with his colleagues and show them what God had done in his life.  A few days later, one of our team members saw him in town and he was so excited to share that his back was great and that the joy of the Lord has made him a new man, from the inside out!


Lidia and her five siblings came to The Mission in 2013 due to neglect and the lack of provision by their family.  Lidia, who at the time was 9-years-old, had difficulty taking care of herself and connecting with adults. Often she would shut down emotionally and physically for hours at a time.  Caregivers would wait for hours until she would make eye contact, move or even speak.  Although she would struggle, there was always a glimmer of a fun girl who was brave and had a smile that could melt your heart.   Through personal mentoring and house parents that poured into her by reinforcing her true identity, she began to show others who she really was. Now, during our daily morning devotions and Sunday services you will see Lidia in the front passionately worshiping and dancing before the Lord! During a recent school talent show, she got up in front of her entire school and sang a song all by herself!  The constant reinforcement of the Father’s love for her and what He has made her to be is slowly being revealed one day at a time.  We are blessed and excited to be apart of this beautiful journey with her!


May 2018


In May 2014, a family of 3 was brought to us from Child Protective Services (DIF) due to serious abuse and neglect. Bruno, who was 2 years old, was on 7 different kinds of medications. One of those medications specifically treated him for the seizures he was having multiple times a day. When the family arrived, Bruno couldn’t walk, talk or feed himself like a two year old normally would be able to. His muscles were so underdeveloped we had to use a stroller or carry him everywhere. After a year of intensive care and love, he was removed from all medication and was beginning to walk, talk and feed himself!

A few years later, in January of 2017, we received notification from DIF that Bruno and his siblings would be returning to their biological family and to our surprise, the following Christmas of 2017, we were asked by DIF to take Bruno and his siblings once again. After almost a year away from us we are happy to report that Bruno is still running, jumping, playing and bringing joy to all those who know him! We are so encouraged by all that the Lord has done in Bruno and are so excited to see what’s in store for him and his siblings!



There is movement and growth in Romania! God is so faithful. We have had great progress on the remodeling of our building from several visiting groups from England, the US and our church from our Mexico base. We have cleared out the first floor of our building and where we held our very first church service on April 22nd!

In addition to that, we are happy to report that we have seen growth and momentum during our times of worship together on Friday nights. Our team has been so blessed by the relationships that are forming within families from the surrounding villages. Many of these families have children that are a part of our Family Care Program and we are so excited for this opportunity to pour into them on a deeper level! Please continue praying for and covering our team as they



God is moving in a fresh way in Nicaragua! For two weeks we were blessed by a visiting group from Redding, CA. They poured into us, served us and taught us all new ways to talk with God. On one specific day, the team sat with the boys from our children’s home and taught them about the languages of the spirit and how to hear God’s voice. One of the boys, Yilber, volunteered to practice and began prophesying over his house dad, Junior. It was so incredible to watch Yilber step so naturally into the prophetic and to see him grow in confidence and connection with Papa God! We are so excited to see the fruit that is being produced in the lives of these boys as they continue to soak up all the goodness that God has for them.


April 2018


Our Family Care Program, in Romania, is a place where our team gets to guide children in a time of encountering God, as well as care for them practically.  We provide a safe place, where they get to just be kids, feed them and also set aside time for academic tutoring.

In January we moved our Family Care program into one of our local gypsy villages.  We have seen a lot of favor in this village, allowing us to make great relationships and have seen many miracles within the families there.  Now that the program is there, we have seen a significant impact on the children of this village and we are so excited to see the testimonies that are coming from this!  We get to introduce them to God’s love, our love, fill their bellies, and give them a hand up on skills that will help them succeed in life.



If you have been to our Mexico base, you have experienced “1st, 2nd and 3rd John” (the outhouses). We are so happy to announce that our new  bathrooms are done!  With the completion of the first two stages of our water treatment  system, we were able to open our beautiful new bathrooms! We started the bathroom project’s foundation in July of 2016, during one of our Jesus Culture Missions Experiences.  Throughout the last few years, by the help of visiting groups, the rest of the building was finished.  Thank you to all who contributed to this project!



This is Victor; he was addicted to drugs and street life.  Instead of going home to his family, he spent his days and nights on the streets in dangerous neighborhoods. 

Victor came into our program at the age of 15, where he was provided a safe and stable home to grow in and to be loved unconditionally.  He has worked hard to change his life.  Now, Victor loves to study and dreams of running his own business one day.  Victor is currently in high school and is attending a trade school on weekends where he is learning to cut hair.  

We share stories like these because they are not only the fruit of our labor, and testimony of God’s faithfulness, but yours too!  These are your victories and testimonies.  Thank you so much for continuing to partner with us. 


March 2018 - 30 Years of Ministry


On February 16, 2018, we celebrated the past 30 years of ministry.  We were amazed by the amount of friends and family that came along side us and celebrated.  We literally had people from all around the world join us!   They came from the United Kingdom, Romania, Nicaragua, Canada, Mexico and the United States.  We celebrated with an intimate time of worship, testimonies from Steve and Cathy, a time of honoring the past and a dedication to the next 30 years of ministry to the nations.



We live and breathe to rescue the orphan, love the broken and bring healing and hope to those who are lost.  We are dedicated to demonstrating that every person on this earth has a Father who loves them and is waiting for them.  Through this, families, cities, and nations will be transformed.  We are steadfast in our fight to restore true family, and we dedicate the next 30 years to the Father’s promise of bringing His kingdom to earth.



In the last 30 years, over 5,000 children have been rescued, housed, fed, educated, loved and brought into family and we are fighting for exponential growth. We are excited to announce that, over the next 12 months, we are stepping out into a new season of faith.

Our goal as a family, and ministry, is to raise 1 million dollars over the next twelve months and sow into the next 30 years. The proceeds that are raised over this next year, will fund the expansion and growth of our new campuses in Romania and Nicaragua.

The Lord has, without fail, met every need we have faced over the past 30 years and our hearts are full of anticipation as we step into this exciting season of faith. So many of you have faithfully partnered with us since we began in 1987.

We are filled with hope, like never before, as we ask you to partner with us once again as we honor our past by investing in our future.



We are excited to share with you that we are now able to accept cryptocurrency donations.  We are accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum donations through our website.  Click the button below and you will be directed to our donations page where you will be able to choose which cryptocurrency you would like to give.

If you were unable to attend our 30 year celebration you can watch it here:

February 2018

MEXICO: Restoring families

Some time ago, Maximiliano (5yrs), Jonathan (14yrs) and their mom, Maribel,  heard of our family care program through a friend.  Maribel was in need of safe childcare for her two kids so she could work full time and keep her small family together. 

In November 2017, Maribel received bad news from relatives stating that two of her nephews had been picked up by child protective services and custody was removed from their parents because of severe neglect. 

Maribel remained hopeful for her nephews situation and began praying for the opportunity to take them into her home.  She fervently pursued a way to gain custody of the boys.  Maribel received the favor she’d been seeking and was granted custody of both boys, which is highly unusual in our social services department; Maribel is a single mom of two and living off of one income.  The social worker assigned to the case told Maribel that she was granted custody because she had lined up safe childcare, with us,  for her nephews ahead of time.

In the beginning of January we were introduced to Ivan (8yrs) and Adrian (9yrs) on their first day entering our family care program.  Our family care has made it possible for these boys to not see the inside of an orphanage and to be introduced to our Heavenly Father.  

MEX _Boys_1.JPG

NICARAGUA: New Feeding Program

After 2 years of working with street boys in Matagalpa, we have begun to take steps towards phase 2 of our program; prevention. To determine the needs of at risk children and to feed hungry bellies, we started a feeding program in November, 2017. 

We currently feed about 100 children daily and this community is fast becoming a small church as we teach the children about The Father who loves them. In the next 2 months we will be assessing needs and then launching programs to keep children in school, in healthy social settings and off the streets. 

ROMANIA: Praying For Healing

Margarita found a lump in one of her breasts about a year ago and had a doctor exam it.  It grew large enough to become physically uncomfortable and caused her pain.  A few members of our team were ministering in the community near her home and were led to her to pray.  As they prayed Margarita began to feel heat in her chest and the pain in her breast faded away!  A few days later, she went back to her doctor where they took a scan of the tumor and confirmed that it had shrunk considerably! 

January 2018 - 30 Years

In the Beginning. 

In 1987, The Mission was founded out of an act of obedience, a simple yet firm step of faith. It was born out of a desire to see a nation transformed, one child a time. 

Steve and Cathy Horner were convinced that the Lord was asking them to care for abused and abandoned children. After moving their family to Mexico from the San Francisco Bay area, the Horner’s continued to say yes to every need that was highlighted to them. Because of their consistent and strong yes to the Lord, The Mission’s vision has grown to include orphan and family care, schools from Pre-K through High School, church plants, School of Missions, community outreach and feeding programs.

Scan 7.jpeg

How Far We’ve Come.

After leading for 22 years, in 2009 Steve and Cathy passed the leadership of the ministry to their son and daughter in-law, Jimmy and Genea Horner. Jimmy and Genea have a rich inheritance filled with faith and hope. They are firmly planted in the heart and original mandate of the ministry; which lies in the simplicity of following Jesus by simply saying yes to what need is highlighted. Because of this, they have passionately pursued growth and expanded the vision to include multiple bases across three different nations. 

kids with Ivana and bus.JPG

Where We’re Going.

The more we expand as a ministry, the more we have begun to understand that we’re citizens of heaven who genuinely own the nations. Wherever we set foot, becomes His. We don’t feel like we’ve been sent to a foreign land; we feel like we’ve been sent to our land, to His land.

As a ministry and family, we live and  breathe to rescue the orphan, love the broken, and bring healing and hope to those who are lost. We are passionately pursuing the restoration of true family, which has always been the promise of His kingdom.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 7.20.33 AM.png

One Year, One Million.

The names on this page are just a few of the 5,000 children who we have rescued, housed, fed, loved and brought into our family over the past 30 years. We are incredibly excited to announce that we are stepping out into a new season of faith. Our goal as a family, and ministry, is to raise 1 million dollars over the next twelve months. The proceeds that are raised over this next year, will fund the expansion and growth of our new campuses in Romania and Nicaragua. 

The Lord has, without fail, met every need we have faced over the past 30 years and our hearts are full of anticipation as we step into this exciting season of faith. So many of you have faithfully partnered with us since we began in 1987. We are filled with hope, like never before, as we ask you to partner with us once again as we honor our past by investing in our future.

November 2017 - Stories from the Mission

Mexico:  I Am Giving You Sons
In the last 3 months we have seen the Lord moving in new ways on the hearts of our teenage boys. During prayer for our Mexico campus we felt the Lord say, “I am giving you sons.” Although we were not entirely sure what that meant, we began praying daily for the young men in our environment.  It has been so beautiful to see this promise of breakthrough unfold!  One teenage boy in particular, José Maria, who had struggled for years in school, has recently made major improvements in his reading and writing. Many had written him off as unable to learn, but because of his breakthrough, he is beginning to get back on track with the rest of his class!

Over the past several months, we have seen our boys begin to seek out and pursue fathers and mothers who would teach them what it means, and looks like, to truly be sons.  The boys have come alive in new ways and we consider it an honor to love them unto complete healing. 


Nicaragua:  Restoration of Families
We are deeply in love with the nation of Nicaragua and its people. And we are happy to announce that we have just opened a feeding program, in the heart of Matagalpa, for children in the community there. Our goal is to strengthen families of at-risk children by providing them with basic necessities as well as a safe and loving environment. 

This feeding program will allow us a glimpse into the lives of hungry, at-risk children, while enabling us to identify the needs of the families and to learn how we can be a part of their restoration. We are passionately pursuing the establishment of strong family units within the community. Through this, we will help see that children are in school, loved and supported, and off the streets. 


Romania:  Growing Roots
Construction has begun! Our team has just hosted their first missions group and is currently working on the construction of staff housing.

It was such an impactful time for both our team and the group from California. They were up early for morning devotions, worked all day and even took time to have fun with the kids in our after school program.  

This group of guys has been partnering with us and bringing teams to serve in Mexico for over 28 years. It was an honor to join with the same friends who helped build our Mexico base as we work towards building our new base in Romania!

Our Romania campus is now accepting missions groups and would love to have you join them. This season of establishment has been one of increasing faith and the Lord has come through in radical ways. If you’re interested in being a part of this story by coming as a group to serve at our Romania base, simply email:


Christmas is Here!
To help us make this Christmas an unforgettable one for our kids, contact us at:      or 619.661.9232


October 2017 - One Ministry, Three Bases

Mexico: Keeping Families Together
A few weeks ago, young Nohemi went home saying, “Mom, I love this place [family care]. They listen to me, pay attention to my needs, help me, always ask if I am ok and they give me options on what I can do. I feel loved, I love this place.” 

After the third day of hearing her daughter talk about how much she loved the family care program, Nohemi’s mom called the La Misión office to say,  “I need to meet you all. My kids are happy and safe. I am so grateful for this place.” 

Being a single mom, the family care program has played a key part in keeping her family together. We are so grateful for the opportunity to love people well through this program. 

Eleven-year-old Nohemi and her three siblings (ages: 8, 5 and 2) are one of many new families that we have welcomed into the program. 


Nicaragua: Transformed by the Love of Jesus
We met Gilber through our feeding program for homeless youth.  He was forced to live on the streets from a young age and had become an icon in the community as a leader among the local street boys who numbed their pain by huffing glue.  After a few months of experiencing the love from our team he asked for help.  He has been in our boys home for two years, clean and sober, and is now leading people to Jesus.  Gilber is a constant reminder of what a life transformed by the love of God looks like.


Romania: Open Doors and Invitations
For the last year our prayer going into Romania has been, “Lord, open doors and bring invitations from the city”. We picked a start date for our family care center of January 1, 2018 not knowing exactly where to start, only that we were to love and care for families.

In the last week of July we received a phone call from the principal of the main public elementary school in our city.  He explained that he had been following the purchase of our building and looked up who we were and what we have been doing in Mexico.  He then invited us to begin family care with the children of the public school system throughout Sighișoara. He explained that the kids need additional tutoring, food, and something constructive to do in the afternoons, but that he doesn't have the resources to make that happen. With the open door to minister to the kids within the public school system we began September 19th with fifty children. We are beyond thankful for this incredible open door and invitation!  


Christmas is Here!

Christmas will be upon us before we know it.  If you would like to help us make this Christmas unforgettable one for our kids, please contact us at: or 619.661.9232.


September 2017 - RDSN in now THE MISSION

As we expanded from Mexico to other nations we needed a name that united each base in one heart and purpose. Our new name is now “the Mission” and “RDSN” is now the name of our Mexico base.  Each new base will come under the Mission and join us in bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth through family; rescuing the orphan, loving the broken and bringing healing and hope to those who are lost!


When Jesus heard the news that John the baptist had been murdered he took a boat to the other side of the lake to get away from the crowds and grieve the loss of a family member, but the crowds chased him down. 

Matthew 14:14 “And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick.” 

The word “saw” here doesn't mean that he simply saw the people with his naked eye, but that He perceived or became aware of their need.  In response to what He saw, He  became the solution. We have come to believe that this is the very heartbeat of missions. 

Nearly thirty years ago I was sitting on the living room floor of the very first orphanage house, with 20 other kids, listening to my Dad read us Matthew 28. None of us kids understood why he began laughing out loud when he read “Go into all the world…..”. 

My dad quickly explained that the Lord had asked them to move to Mexico and take care of His kids and it had struck him as he was reading that he needed to get the transformation that was happening in our lives outside of the four walls Rancho de Sus Niños. He took the rest of the morning to teach us to share how Jesus had impacted our lives. That afternoon he loaded us all up in a bus and drove to the Tijuana dump where the poorest of our city worked and lived. He opened the doors and told us to go in groups of two or three and to simply introduce people to Jesus through our stories. Scared, nervous and a little embarrassed we spread out across the dump in small groups and began to share how real Jesus is. After praying with a man who gave his life to Jesus our group ran back to the bus beyond excited! The other kids came back shortly with similar stories of people who met Jesus for the first time.  

We loaded back up with a sense of celebration and a little bit of pride! We started to drive out of the dump when my Dad stopped the bus turned around looking back towards the dump and said, “Now what?”  That was a significant moment in the history of this ministry. The vision that was sparked by a word from the Lord had now exploded through the simplicity of seeing a need.  It was in that dump that we planted our first church and built our first school. 

Since that day in the dump, nearly thirty years ago, the Lord has been highlighting needs to us and moving us toward them.  Over and over again we have seen Him show up in miraculous ways, bringing His salvation, healing and deliverance.  Ever since He highlighted Europe and Central America we have felt the need for a name that would better express the ministry as a whole as well as bring some clarity to all who have been partnering with us for so long. In response, we are now “the Mission” with three different bases around the world - RDSN/Mexico, Misiune/Romania and Mision/Nicaragua with more to come.  We hope this not only brings clarity but increases excitement for what God is doing through the Mission and all of you who have helped make what’s happening possible. 


Jimmy Horner




Here at RDSN the Mission we are dedicated to teaching and demonstrating that living a lifestyle of Jesus is not only possible but is also our mandate as His kids! We pursue this directive by training our children, students, and Missions Experience participants to hear God and stand confidently in the knowledge that they carry the solution to every problem, sickness, or circumstance that does not align with heaven, because Jesus lives in them. This is one of our greatest joys, to see heaven invade earth when a child of God steps into a circumstance.

This summer we hosted thousands of people from teams all over the world: USA, England, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. We trained them and sent them out into neighborhoods all over Tijuana to demonstrate the power of Jesus to those they encountered. We wanted to share some of the testimonies that came from their Missions Experience with you hoping that they will encourage and inspire you! You carry the solution to every problem you confront because of Who has taken up residence in you, Jesus Christ!


Grace, a young attendee of a Missions Experience group from the US, saw a picture of a large aloe vera plant in front of a small home in her mind’s eye when she asked Holy Spirit to give her a picture of the “treasure” she would encounter during community outreach. Later that day she went out to a nearby community with her team to help clean up a city block. While walking past a house she noticed the aloe plant in the front yard of a small home, the exact same plant she’d seen in her imagination earlier! She spoke to the lady that lived there through an interpreter that RDSN provided and shared how she came to find her. Grace communicated to her how much her Savior had done for her and how He loved her. The lady accepted Christ right then and there, as did the rest of her family! A whole household was saved because of one brave person willing to go where the Lord led her!

During a church service Jimmy Horner called out several words of knowledge for healing. One was  that someone here could not breath through their nose normally due to an issue with their septum. A teenager, Oscar, stood up because when he was 5 years old he’d had an unsuccessful surgery on his deviated septum in his nose. The people near him laid hands on him and declared healing for his nose. Oscar said he felt his nose “correct itself!” Afterward he could breathe easily through both of his nostrils which is something he had never been able to do!

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As you may have seen on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, we hosted a Jesus Culture Missions Experience #JCME17 in July. Keep your eyes open for the highlight video on our social media pages! Instagram: @rdsn_org & Facebook:

“It has been a joy and an honor to be able to partner with RDSN the Mission and with Jimmy and Genea and all the work that they are doing there.
It’s really incredible to hear the testimonies of lives changed, cultures transformed and to really be able to see a ministry that carries such an incredible heart of God, faith for the power of God to be made manifest, and a heart for people.

(Through the Missions Experience) I really believe there is an impartation that will come to you through this ministry.  And that God wants to grab a hold of your heart as He has RDSN's and really put an anointing and authority on your life to go back from this into whatever city you came from and see impact.”
- Banning Liebscher (Jesus Culture Lead Pastor)

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July 2017 - Rescue. Love. Restore.

Our orphan care program is designed to meet the physical needs of children who have been rescued from abusive and neglectful situations; and to also prepare, empower, and propel them to live out their God-given destinies. We are committed to rescuing the one, loving them unto complete healing, and restoring hope for their futures.

RDSN the Mission is steadfast in our pursuit of creating an orphan-less world. We believe we can accomplish this through family. Family is the answer to the orphan problem. We hope to inspire an adoption revolution and bring awareness to every believer that they are called to be the solution. We, as one family, can create an orphan-less world!


We want to highlight the restoring power of Jesus through family by sharing Carmen’s story with you.

Carmen turned 18 last month and is the oldest of a family of four that calls RDSN home. Carmen and her siblings were rescued from poverty, abuse, and severe neglect. In March of 2012, we were holding a church connection group in their neighborhood when we discovered the tragic circumstances they were living in.

We contacted child protective services and the children were placed with us shortly after. They were timid, protective of one another and nervous about what the future held for them. But love broke through their barriers, their doubts and their pain. Throughout the years they have been confronted time and again with His healing love demonstrated through the compassion of the RDSN family. His love has restored their hope and healed their hearts.

Coming of age after being in a governmental system for most of your life can be scary, even for those who have embraced the Lord and family. Those big life questions of “what’s next?” can be hard to navigate alone. Thankfully Carmen went to her older RDSN “siblings”, young men and women that at one time were in the same position as Carmen but are now leaders, staff or students in the School of Missions. Carmen asked them why they'd chosen to stay and be a part of the family after they were old enough to make their own decision to stay or leave. They had varying answers but these stood out beyond the rest; family created a platform for them to be launched from, a home to be loved fully in, and a place where they are known.

Carmen has chosen to stay and continue on her path of discovering who she is and what she wants to impact in the future. She is looking forward to being a part of our School of Missions in September where she will be positioned to grow deeper in her relationship with her family and impact the world around her as she fortifies her identity in the Lord.

Carmen’s story is not unusual for us. Next year we’ll be celebrating 30 years as family! In those 30 years we’ve had hundreds of rescued children grow into healthy, whole adults that have created their own families. To all of you that supported us with your prayers and finances, THANK YOU! You have made a difference in the life of Carmen and countless others.


Right now Gil’s garden contains beets, beans, tomatoes, and Swiss chard. He started the garden because he wanted the outside of his home to be beautiful, and he likes plants in general because they “give fruit.” His favorite things to plant are strawberries, cucumbers and watermelon. But Gil stresses, that his most favorite fruit to grow is strawberries. 

Gil says that it is easy to take care of the plants and explained the way he does it, “You just water them and place them under the sun.” He loves to garden but in the future he says that he would like to become a pilot.

June 2017 - La Misión

Iglesia La Misión is bringing heaven to earth in Tijuana, Mexico!


The church is the central part of the ministry here at RDSN the Mission and we are in a season of growth and vitality.  Every Sunday hundreds of people gather in one of our two campuses to experience the presence and truth of Jesus.  Connection groups meet weekly in homes throughout the city.  A new youth group has just been started along with a youth worship team. And every week the church goes out to serve and demonstrate the realities of the Kingdom through our community outreach and evangelism ministries. 


Our local church community is more engaged in ministry and service than ever before. The lost are being saved, the sick are being healed and people in wheel chairs are walking again. There has been a significant increase in people from the church coming on staff - not because they need a job - but because they believe in our mission.  We even have members of the church in personal preparation to go to Romania one day and join the team there.

The heart of our house is being replicated in local communities.  Villas del Campo is one of the neighborhoods we serve.  With several connection groups meeting there weekly they have taken the mission to the streets - literally.  They are partnering with local community leaders to meet the needs they see for their area - sweeping the streets, painting over graffiti and demonstrating the Kingdom through action.


Through these connection groups people are being discipled in the midst of a loving community that is doing life with them.  Our community outreach and evangelism ministries target a neighborhood for an entire month partnering with the connection groups in those areas to bring a holistic outreach of serving, witnessing, and connecting people into community.  

It is our heart to see Heaven invade Earth through the lives of our local church as they interact with people and spheres of influence all over Tijuana.  “Let your Kingdom come; let your will be done in Tijuana as it is in Heaven!”

Churros La Misión

Miguel Ángel lives in Villas Del Campo with his wife and 3 children.  He has been attending our church for about 2 months.  He came to church after attending one of our connection groups in his community.  Miguel has worked as a builder, but said he always wanted to have his own business.  One evening at his connection group he asked us to pray that he could start his own business.  A few weeks later he let us know that God blessed him with the finances to be able to start his own churros business which he calls, “Churros La Misión.”


He is now able to enjoy more time with his family, his 3 kids attend elementary school and they are happy to be part of our La Misión family. 


JULY 6, 2017 - JULY 9, 2017


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May 2017 - ROMANIA!

Words have become worlds and we are officially in Romania!

Several years ago the Lord began speaking to us about Europe saying that He was flooding the continent with His presence and that we were to be part of it. Shortly after this we began exploring Eastern Europe in search of need. When Genea and I crossed the border into Romania for the first time, we looked at each other and knew that this was the country He wanted RDSN to be working in.

We found a nation with rolling green hills, rich earth, a beautiful people and at the same time overwhelming need. It has been less than thirty years since the fall of communism and the land and the people are still in the process of healing as they embrace the freedom they had been starving for. In such a small country of just over 19 million people, there are over 60,000 orphans and many more children who are living at risk. In the poorer communities family has broken down, the majority of the children do not even make it to the fourth grade. These kids do not know the meaning of family, the very idea of the kingdom.


Through a series of divine appointments we found ourselves in the city of Sighişoara which is in the heart of Transylvania. It once was among the most influential cities in the nation, a center of science and the arts. We began to look for vacant land surrounding the city that could serve as a base for orphan and family care as well as a church missions school and base. Over and over we were shown small pieces of property with really big price tags. A friend asked if we would be interested in seeing a clothing factory in the center of the city, to which we declined having our hearts set on building from the ground up. He was persistent in His desire for us to see it, and His persistence paid off and we agreed to take a tour.


Our first view of the building was startling, five stories and over 80,000 square feet. All of our main campus buildings in Mexico could just fit inside. As Genea and I walked through the doors of the factory we heard Holy Spirit say “this is it”. Immediately, the mere thought of the cost of such a facility was overwhelming and my thoughts ran to, we need to find vacant land and build because of the cost. It was in that moment that the Lord asked me, why would you want to spend 29 years building something that you can have right now. It was right then that He stirred an urgency inside of us as we thought about the lives that could be saved now and not later.

We came home to Mexico and began putting together the team who will be moving this June to Sighişoara and raising money amongst friends and partners. It has been a long year of negotiating with the owner of the factory and God has been faithful. We were originally informed the sales price was $3.7 million but over the course of the year was reduced to $1.4 million. Last month we signed a purchase contract for the facility and made the downpayment of $265,000. We are continually in awe of His provision and the generosity of his people.

 Romania Team (left to right): Brooklyn, Becky, Harrison, Jim, Jonathan, Kerrington, Eduardo, Diana, Jessica and Sierra.

Romania Team (left to right): Brooklyn, Becky, Harrison, Jim, Jonathan, Kerrington, Eduardo, Diana, Jessica and Sierra.

We invite you to pray and celebrate with us as we prepare to move the team this summer to begin our part of what the Lord has in store for Romania. We need to raise $1.1 million to finish paying for the building and while that sounds like such a large sum of money it doesn't even come close to the value of the lives that will be saved and transformed.

Thank you for being part of the RDSN the Mission’s journey,


Jimmy & Genea Horner