August 2018


This summer, we have hosted over 1,200 people from all over the world. We are overwhelmed by the love and generosity that was poured out by all those who have served alongside us! In July, for the Jesus Culture Missions Experience, we had the privilege of teaching, equipping and activating over 400 participants with tools to bring heaven to earth. Jorge, a JCME participant from Tijuana, felt the Holy Spirit lead him to a specific home during the outreach track and knew that he was supposed to pray for healing for someone living there. As he began talking to the woman who lived there, she shared that one of their relatives was in the hospital in Sonora, Mexico and was not doing very well. Jorge prayed for her relative over the phone and later on that afternoon, as they were about to leave the community, the woman excitedly ran up to Jorge! She was overjoyed to share that her relative had been completely healed and the doctors were sending him home!

Summer Internship Program
Each summer we host a VBS program for the children in our orphanage, family care program and local communities. This program creates a safe place for children when they aren’t in school and is especially helpful to the families who have two working parents! We feed, care for, and have fun with the kids five days a week! It is an honor to not only create a fun summer for them but to also set aside time each day to usher them into encounters with the Lord. This year we have been blessed with fifteen summer interns! They are doing everything from facilitating VBS to lifeguarding. If you are interested in applying for our summer internship program next year, you can read more at



At 15 years old, Norlan was unable to live with his family due to emotional abuse. Upon learning his story, we welcomed Norlan into our home for at risk youth in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Since joining our family in March of 2018, he has flourished! He was enrolled in school for the first time in his life and has developed close bonds with our staff and the other boys living in the home. Norlan continues to surprise us with his love of others, selflessness and personal growth. We are amazed at how far he has come and are excited to see where God will lead him!



Meet Adi and Gabriel. Both of them are enrolled in our family care program and both are excellent examples of the love of Jesus! Adi, is nine years old and lives in a nearby village with his single mom, twin brother and little sister. Their mother works long hours in order to provide for their family and oftentimes, Adi and his siblings are cared for by their grandmother. Gabriel, who is also nine years old, lives with his eight siblings and both of his parents. Gabriel’s parents struggle to meet their large family’s day to day needs. During one of our Family Care Program activities, Adi noticed that Gabriel didn’t have shoes. The very next day, Adi brought a pair of his own shoes to give to Gabriel! The joy that Adi had as he gave his shoes to Gabriel was evident and the joy that Gabriel had as he received his very own pair of shoes was beautiful! As we continue to teach our children that the solution to the needs surrounding them resides within them, our hope is that they take what they learn back to their homes and families! Adi and Gabriel have done just that and we are so proud.