Monthly Newsletter: August 2019

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God is moving in Romania and we are honored to be part of what He is doing. In April 2017, through a series of divine appointments, we found ourselves signing a purchase agreement for our 80,000 square foot facility in Sighişoara, Romania. Since then God has been faithful to meet us as we stepped out in faith!

In a country of just over 19 million people, there are more than 60,000 orphans and many more children who are living at risk. It has been an absolute privilege to show some of these children the love of God through meeting some of their most basic needs. So far, most of the first floor of the building has been remodeled and houses our local church campus, kindergarten class, after school program and temporary kitchen. Each day, over 50 children attend our programs. Most of them are from the Gypsy (Roma) villages that are on the outskirts of town. Although historically, there has been division between Romanian nationals and the Gypsy people, we have seen breakthrough in restoration as children from the villages and city center attend the programs together. 

Thanks to visiting groups this Spring, the remodeling of the second and third floors has begun and will eventually house our commercial kitchen and elementary school classrooms. Our team is currently serving 65 meals a day, out of a much smaller kitchen and they are looking forward to the day when that project is complete!

In March of this year, we opened our local church campus and have been overwhelmed by the response within the community. We have seen such a strong hunger and desire for His presence and true family. We are so thankful to everyone that has partnered with us throughout this journey! To continue partnering with us, you can sponsor a child from Romania, attend a missions trip or give financially at Thank you!




This April, Jean came to our Romania campus with her church, from San Diego, for a week-long missions trip. Right before going to Romania, Jean received a call from her doctor saying that her biopsy results were in; she had breast cancer. 

Upon hearing this news, Jean was filled with fear because she had lost three family members to cancer. However, her emotions shifted from fear to expectation as she remembered the people she had prayed for with cancer and seen them healed; she believed that God would do it again. 

When Jean arrived to Romania, two members of her team stood in agreement for her healing with her during worship and she began to feel tingling in her left breast. Jean says, that after this experience she was filled with hope that when she went home the cancer would not be found. 

Once Jean returned to the U.S. she underwent more testing; Jean was cancer free!