January 2018 - 30 Years

In the Beginning. 

In 1987, The Mission was founded out of an act of obedience, a simple yet firm step of faith. It was born out of a desire to see a nation transformed, one child a time. 

Steve and Cathy Horner were convinced that the Lord was asking them to care for abused and abandoned children. After moving their family to Mexico from the San Francisco Bay area, the Horner’s continued to say yes to every need that was highlighted to them. Because of their consistent and strong yes to the Lord, The Mission’s vision has grown to include orphan and family care, schools from Pre-K through High School, church plants, School of Missions, community outreach and feeding programs.

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How Far We’ve Come.

After leading for 22 years, in 2009 Steve and Cathy passed the leadership of the ministry to their son and daughter in-law, Jimmy and Genea Horner. Jimmy and Genea have a rich inheritance filled with faith and hope. They are firmly planted in the heart and original mandate of the ministry; which lies in the simplicity of following Jesus by simply saying yes to what need is highlighted. Because of this, they have passionately pursued growth and expanded the vision to include multiple bases across three different nations. 

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Where We’re Going.

The more we expand as a ministry, the more we have begun to understand that we’re citizens of heaven who genuinely own the nations. Wherever we set foot, becomes His. We don’t feel like we’ve been sent to a foreign land; we feel like we’ve been sent to our land, to His land.

As a ministry and family, we live and  breathe to rescue the orphan, love the broken, and bring healing and hope to those who are lost. We are passionately pursuing the restoration of true family, which has always been the promise of His kingdom.

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One Year, One Million.

The names on this page are just a few of the 5,000 children who we have rescued, housed, fed, loved and brought into our family over the past 30 years. We are incredibly excited to announce that we are stepping out into a new season of faith. Our goal as a family, and ministry, is to raise 1 million dollars over the next twelve months. The proceeds that are raised over this next year, will fund the expansion and growth of our new campuses in Romania and Nicaragua. 

The Lord has, without fail, met every need we have faced over the past 30 years and our hearts are full of anticipation as we step into this exciting season of faith. So many of you have faithfully partnered with us since we began in 1987. We are filled with hope, like never before, as we ask you to partner with us once again as we honor our past by investing in our future.