July 2017 - Rescue. Love. Restore.

Our orphan care program is designed to meet the physical needs of children who have been rescued from abusive and neglectful situations; and to also prepare, empower, and propel them to live out their God-given destinies. We are committed to rescuing the one, loving them unto complete healing, and restoring hope for their futures.

RDSN the Mission is steadfast in our pursuit of creating an orphan-less world. We believe we can accomplish this through family. Family is the answer to the orphan problem. We hope to inspire an adoption revolution and bring awareness to every believer that they are called to be the solution. We, as one family, can create an orphan-less world!


We want to highlight the restoring power of Jesus through family by sharing Carmen’s story with you.

Carmen turned 18 last month and is the oldest of a family of four that calls RDSN home. Carmen and her siblings were rescued from poverty, abuse, and severe neglect. In March of 2012, we were holding a church connection group in their neighborhood when we discovered the tragic circumstances they were living in.

We contacted child protective services and the children were placed with us shortly after. They were timid, protective of one another and nervous about what the future held for them. But love broke through their barriers, their doubts and their pain. Throughout the years they have been confronted time and again with His healing love demonstrated through the compassion of the RDSN family. His love has restored their hope and healed their hearts.

Coming of age after being in a governmental system for most of your life can be scary, even for those who have embraced the Lord and family. Those big life questions of “what’s next?” can be hard to navigate alone. Thankfully Carmen went to her older RDSN “siblings”, young men and women that at one time were in the same position as Carmen but are now leaders, staff or students in the School of Missions. Carmen asked them why they'd chosen to stay and be a part of the family after they were old enough to make their own decision to stay or leave. They had varying answers but these stood out beyond the rest; family created a platform for them to be launched from, a home to be loved fully in, and a place where they are known.

Carmen has chosen to stay and continue on her path of discovering who she is and what she wants to impact in the future. She is looking forward to being a part of our School of Missions in September where she will be positioned to grow deeper in her relationship with her family and impact the world around her as she fortifies her identity in the Lord.

Carmen’s story is not unusual for us. Next year we’ll be celebrating 30 years as family! In those 30 years we’ve had hundreds of rescued children grow into healthy, whole adults that have created their own families. To all of you that supported us with your prayers and finances, THANK YOU! You have made a difference in the life of Carmen and countless others.


Right now Gil’s garden contains beets, beans, tomatoes, and Swiss chard. He started the garden because he wanted the outside of his home to be beautiful, and he likes plants in general because they “give fruit.” His favorite things to plant are strawberries, cucumbers and watermelon. But Gil stresses, that his most favorite fruit to grow is strawberries. 

Gil says that it is easy to take care of the plants and explained the way he does it, “You just water them and place them under the sun.” He loves to garden but in the future he says that he would like to become a pilot.