June 2019


Growth is happening in Romania! Over the past few months, thanks to visiting groups, we have began the process of remodeling the second floor in our facility. The entire floor is 10,000 square feet and will eventually house our commercial kitchen, dining hall, classrooms and a recreational area for the children in our program.

The progress in the remodel project is such a testimony of the Lord showing His provision and generosity through His children! We are incredibly blessed to have friends who are sensitive to His voice and passionately say YES to Him in everything they do.

Thank you to all who partnered with us! If you are interested in bringing a group to our Romania base, please contact us at




Meet Paul (13)! In 2018, he arrived at the Mission base in Mexico after having a rough year in his previous school. At that point, Paul was regularly missing school, getting suspended and finally expelled. Paul’s mother had a sense of hopelessness when it came to her son and his future. She came to the Mission, looking for a second chance for her son. Paul was accepted into our jr high and high school and eight months later, Paul has not been suspended once! He is excelling in school and building friendships. He refers to the Mission as a “safe place” and told us he hopes that more kids from his community join the school so that they too can experience what he is; the freedom to be a kid.



Since 2017, our team has been facilitating a daily outreach program, Monday through Friday, for youth in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The program provides a hot meal, a safe place for them to spend time and daily interaction with people who love and value them!  

One of our boys, Maxwel, has spent most of his life on the streets and is part of our daily outreach program. Although he has seen extreme adversity in his life, Maxwel is finding family within the other kids in the program and our team! It is a joy to see him learn and be loved through this program, along with all of the other kids. Join us in seeking transformation for Nicaragua by sponsoring a child like Maxwel at

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