May 2017 - ROMANIA!

Words have become worlds and we are officially in Romania!

Several years ago the Lord began speaking to us about Europe saying that He was flooding the continent with His presence and that we were to be part of it. Shortly after this we began exploring Eastern Europe in search of need. When Genea and I crossed the border into Romania for the first time, we looked at each other and knew that this was the country He wanted RDSN to be working in.

We found a nation with rolling green hills, rich earth, a beautiful people and at the same time overwhelming need. It has been less than thirty years since the fall of communism and the land and the people are still in the process of healing as they embrace the freedom they had been starving for. In such a small country of just over 19 million people, there are over 60,000 orphans and many more children who are living at risk. In the poorer communities family has broken down, the majority of the children do not even make it to the fourth grade. These kids do not know the meaning of family, the very idea of the kingdom.


Through a series of divine appointments we found ourselves in the city of Sighişoara which is in the heart of Transylvania. It once was among the most influential cities in the nation, a center of science and the arts. We began to look for vacant land surrounding the city that could serve as a base for orphan and family care as well as a church missions school and base. Over and over we were shown small pieces of property with really big price tags. A friend asked if we would be interested in seeing a clothing factory in the center of the city, to which we declined having our hearts set on building from the ground up. He was persistent in His desire for us to see it, and His persistence paid off and we agreed to take a tour.


Our first view of the building was startling, five stories and over 80,000 square feet. All of our main campus buildings in Mexico could just fit inside. As Genea and I walked through the doors of the factory we heard Holy Spirit say “this is it”. Immediately, the mere thought of the cost of such a facility was overwhelming and my thoughts ran to, we need to find vacant land and build because of the cost. It was in that moment that the Lord asked me, why would you want to spend 29 years building something that you can have right now. It was right then that He stirred an urgency inside of us as we thought about the lives that could be saved now and not later.

We came home to Mexico and began putting together the team who will be moving this June to Sighişoara and raising money amongst friends and partners. It has been a long year of negotiating with the owner of the factory and God has been faithful. We were originally informed the sales price was $3.7 million but over the course of the year was reduced to $1.4 million. Last month we signed a purchase contract for the facility and made the downpayment of $265,000. We are continually in awe of His provision and the generosity of his people.

Romania Team (left to right): Brooklyn, Becky, Harrison, Jim, Jonathan, Kerrington, Eduardo, Diana, Jessica and Sierra.

Romania Team (left to right): Brooklyn, Becky, Harrison, Jim, Jonathan, Kerrington, Eduardo, Diana, Jessica and Sierra.

We invite you to pray and celebrate with us as we prepare to move the team this summer to begin our part of what the Lord has in store for Romania. We need to raise $1.1 million to finish paying for the building and while that sounds like such a large sum of money it doesn't even come close to the value of the lives that will be saved and transformed.

Thank you for being part of the RDSN the Mission’s journey,


Jimmy & Genea Horner