May 2019



Meet Octavio (13)! He has been attending our jr high school in Tijuana, Mexico for the past year. Before joining the school, Octavio said he often felt alone and the sense that he needed to defend himself from others. After a few weeks of being with us, he began to notice how affectionate our team was. Each day, through simple acts of kindness, Octavio experienced the love of God and began to learn how to trust others.  

Two months ago, he won first place in a regional art contest! Octavio says his sculpture (two hands holding a heart) was created to show others what he has experienced since joining The Mission family: God shows love through His people. 

We are so proud of Octavio, not just for his art but for the way he has fully embraced family. If you would like to donate school or art supplies for their class, please contact us using the information below!




This Sunday, March 31st, our new church location in Romania opened its doors to the community for the very first time! We have been meeting with our core team for about a year and we’re incredibly excited to welcome new faces into the family.  

It was a powerful and encouraging Sunday with over 150 people attending our first service! Throughout the time of worship and teaching, it was evident that the Lord was encountering His children throughout the room. Six people who accepted Jesus into their hearts for the very first time, requested prayer after the service because they desired to be filled with the Holy Spirit!

We are in awe of what God is doing in our community and city.

Please continue partnering with us in prayer each week as our new church family grows.



Meet Sandra Melissa (11)!

She came to us reserved, scared and suffering from poor hygiene due to family neglect. Because of this, she found it difficult to relate with other kids and wouldn’t let anyone get close to her. However, we could see that she had a strong spirit of leadership. Our team began working with Sandra on her hygiene and in the process she learned to trust people; all while gaining self confidence.

Now, she is truly shining as she loves others and lets others love her! It is a privilege to see how her encounters with the love of God are transforming her and her three siblings lives.

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