November 2018


The Family Care Program has been running for almost a complete year now. Early on in the program our team quickly saw that there was also a need for education. As a result, last month we opened our first kindergarten class! The class currently has 11 children all from the Albesti Village. The Albesti Village is a small village where you’ll find about 300 people living without electricity, gas or running water. Their only source of water is a small stream that runs through it’s valley which is mostly contaminated by livestock and garbage. In this village, there are roughly 150 children and less than 10% of those children manage to make it through school each year.

The children in our school are picked up from their homes each morning; they are bathed, given uniforms, fed breakfast and then participate in our school program. They are excited each day as they learn new things and are loved on by our team. We have received an incredible response from the community and are already coming up with plans to be able to accommodate many more children!




Our team has been amazed by how much the presence of structure helps kids find safety and confidence. We have seen behavior changes and kids who have never participated before find their voices. During one of our weekly lessons, a little girl started singing a song about sitting at His feet in response to the lesson that was being taught. Her song encouraged all of the other children and ended up leading the whole group into a time of worship! It was such a beautiful moment to see them really capture the heart of what was being taught!



Aldair Salvador Valenzuela Moran is twelve years old and has been part of our Family Care Program in Tijuana, Mexico for seven years! His parents have also been on staff with us for several years as well. A few weeks ago, Aldair accompanied his mom on one of our outreach programs in one of the surrounding communities. As they served together, he began experiencing God’s love for those around him! Aldair was forever marked by that night as he witnessed people receiving Jesus as their Savior. Now, Aldair volunteers at outreach every Tuesday and has a hunger to see people encounter Jesus and know that they have a loving Father.

Let’s Make Christmas Unforgettable!

Christmas will be upon us before we know it. If you would like to help us make this Christmas

and unforgettable one for our kids, please contact us at: or 619.661.9232.