September 2018


Each fall the RDSN Mexico base of The Mission welcomes students and families from across east Tijuana to experience a new approach to education, an education that is committed to developing the whole child; body, mind and spirit. Our founders, Steve and Cathy Horner, began this program because they saw a need in the surrounding colonias. There were many families who had two working parents; which would often mean that the children would be left home unattended during the day and would not go to school. Through our Family Care Program and schools, we are able to help keep families together, all while providing an excellent education, two meals a day and transportation to and from their homes. This month we began a new trimester with over 350 children enrolled in our different programs! Please join us this school year by praying that our teachers would be filled with love, creativity and wisdom and that each child experiences the love of God as they learn.



RO_Sept_2 copy.jpg

Our feeding program in Romania serves children from many different villages and areas of the city. This is actually quite unusual in their culture; as most of the locals tend to not be very welcoming towards the Gypsy villages that surround their city or even towards immigrants that live in town. A few members of our team were in the city center when they ran into Princess. She is a young girl from Albești, one of the Gypsy villages just outside of town where our team does outreach every Wednesday. Princess was there with her mother, begging for money, in the town center. With permission from her mother, our team took the opportunity to take Princess out for a good meal! We were so blessed with the opportunity to love her in this way. The kindness that the staff at the restaurant showed by helping us translate, and even playing music for her to dance to, just shows that the walls that have been separating the people of this beautiful nation will not be standing for long!


In the beautiful nation of Nicaragua, our team provides a home for teenage boys who, otherwise would probably be found fending for themselves on the streets. Our hope is to create a safe place for them as they mature and discover what it means to be a child of God. This month, we have seen breakthrough as two of our older boys found jobs! Vanega, who has been with us for four years, has recently found work in the local market. Victor, who has also been with us since the beginning, has began pursuing his passion of cutting hair. Our heart is to not only provide care and safety for these boys, but to also teach them that hard work is a key part of life and will help guide and give them purpose in their journeys! We are so proud

School Supplies

As we receive more and more students to our education programs on each of our bases, we are in search of partners who would like to join our effort by helping provide for our constant growing list of school supplies.

pencil sharpener

construction paper

liquid glue

thin markers

paints & brushes


various art supplies


geometry kits

Eng-Spanish dictionaries


binder paper



glue stick

colored pencils


thick markers



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