Family Care


 The average wage earned in Nicaragua is $2/day making childcare a luxury, not a necessity. Because government assistance for childcare is unavailable, many children are left home alone or in the care of older siblings that should be in school but is not because of the need to help care for the family.

At no cost to the family, the Mission has made part-time childcare a possibility. We are currently maintaining an average of 100 children in our family care center. The ministry has been providing childcare to surrounding communities since 2017. Our desire is to help these kids step out from under a poverty mindset and build new identities as children destined for greatness. We believe we are partnering with their parents to raise up the next generation of world leaders, educators, fathers and mothers, skilled craftsmen, artists, scientists, and more. We do this by intentionally showing them the Father’s love in an environment that encourages individuality, grows decision making skills, and seeks relationship with our Heavenly Father.  

What the program offers

A Safe Environment:  We open our gates to children Monday through Friday, each and every afternoon, 50 weeks a year. 

Food: We feed them dinner each day .

Education: We coordinate with the school systems to reinforce the value of education for all school-aged children, with the goal of helping students remain successfully enrolled.