the Mission FAQ

How much does it cost to sponsor a child through The Mission?

- Sponsoring a child cost $30 a month.

What specific benefits does a child receive through sponsorship?

- Your $30 a month helps to provide children with food, medical care, a safe home, hygienic care, and an education from kindergarten through university.

Does each child have only one sponsor?

- Depending on what programs the child is involved with the cost varies. For example; a child in a family life program + education program has more cost than a child that is in a basic needs program and therefore would require more than one sponsor.

Does my money go directly to the child?

- No. Your monthly donations go into a general child fund that will benefit your child but also aid in caring for other children that do not have sponsors yet.

Can I send my child gifts?

- Yes! All individual gifts will go directly to your sponsored child. We also encourage you to write periodic letters to your child.

Can you adopt children through The Mission?

- No. All national and international adoptions must go through the corresponding government to that of the child. 

Can I visit the child I sponsor?

- Currently we are only able to manage visits for the children at the RDSN base in Tijuana, Mexico. If you would like to meet and visit your child please contact our Missions Experience office: groups@ranchodesusninos.org. They will coordinate with you and help you set up a sponsorship visit.