Medical Missions

Medical Mission Image 5 panoramic.jpg

You may have recently read in a newsletter or perhaps heard upon a visit to one of our bases that we are beginning to offer Medical Missions Experiences. If not, here’s the idea!

As we move across the globe loving, rescuing and restoring lives we feel compelled to respond to the needs we are encountering. We believe we are called to bring solutions to earth’s problems and we continue to look for ways to offer help to those in need.

In an effort to bring medical aid to the communities we work with, we are now incorporating Medical Missions to our programs and we want to invite you to partner with us.


Medical Professionals

We want to extend an invitation to all medical professionals whose heart is to serve under-served communities. Bringing the gospel to those in need in a tangible way has always been at the heart of The Mission.


Non-Medical Volunteers

Whether or not you are a medical professional, or perhaps you have yet to experience medical missions, if your heart is stirred, we want to know. There’s plenty to do.