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The Mexico campus directly impacts over 450 children each day through orphan-care, family care, education programs and more.

Our kitchen staff serve over 8,000 meals a week (not including visiting missions teams!).


Currently The Mission is working in three nations but our story first began in Tijuana, Mexico. In 1986, Steve and Cathy Horner said YES when God asked them to go to Mexico and take care of abused and abandoned children. They built an orphanage that would redefine family and love for abandoned children. Their ultimate desire was to transform a nation one child at a time.

Over the next 21 years, the Horners built and founded an orphanage, family care program, elementary schools, a school of ministry and local church, all in their beloved country of Mexico.

In 2008, the ministry’s baton was passed to Steve and Cathy’s oldest son Jimmy and his wife Genea, with the intention that they would take what was begun and run with it even further. Jimmy and Genea Horner have been leading the ministry ever since.

What the Mexico Campus offers.



We are currently averaging 60 children in our six full-time children’s homes and transition homes for children over 18. The children in our care have been abandoned by a parent/guardian or taken from extremely abusive situations by DIF, a child protection government agency in Mexico. The government or parent does not provide financial support. the Mission cares for 100% of their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. After a child turns 18, they have the option to live in one of our on-site transition homes.



The average wage earned in a factory in Tijuana is $75 a week, making childcare a luxury, not a necessity. Because government assistance for childcare is unavailable, many children are left home alone or in the care of older siblings. At a cost of only $5 per month per family, The Mission has made childcare affordable. We are currently maintaining an average of 200 children in our family care center. Since 1995 we have been transporting the children from their homes, providing three meals a day and an education for school aged children. Our desire is to introduce each of these children to the Father’s love and nurture their identities as children of God.


A free public education is only offered for first through sixth grade, in Mexico. Private schools are few and expensive, making it impossible for mid-to-lower-class families to afford an education for their children. The Mission offers schooling through our elementary, jr high and high school. The schools provide more than just a solid education. In our schools we nurture a culture of individuality, dreaming and love… a Kingdom culture.



Since the beginning of the ministry we have hosted weekly outreach programs that include cleaning up neighborhoods, giving out clean water, mobile evangelism nights and more.



Each year we host visiting teams for short term missions. The partnership that comes through these trips have been crucial for our growth as a ministry. It is only through their help that we have physically and spiritually built this ministry. You can learn more here.


Since 1987, The Mission has built 19 churches throughout Mexico, for other ministries. The Mission's own local church, is growing and thriving. There are two church campuses in the Tijuana, Mexico area and one at their base in Romania. The Mission Church is a house of worship at its core and places high value on teaching its children, growing relationships and being a blessing and influence on the community.