Our Vision

The Kingdom is Family.

The Mission was originally founded by my parents, Steve and Cathy Horner. They were middle class business owners, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was through seemingly “ordinary” people that God chose to do something absolutely miraculous. My parents listened to the tug God was placing on their hearts towards Mexico. He asked them to care for orphaned and abandoned children; His children. They didn’t know how it was going to work. They had no land purchased, no financial backing and didn’t speak Spanish. In spite of all of that, they said YES to what he was asking of them.

They sold all of their belongings and moved our family to the Tijuana area. Within two years, we began construction on the first orphanage home. My parents are true heroes of the faith.

Since 1987, over 5,000 children have been rescued, loved and restored in an environment of radical faith. My parents heard God saying that He wanted to transform a nation, one child at a time and responded YES with their entire lives.

We will never know the full fruit my parents continual YES has brought forth. They first said YES to Him in 1986 when they began planning the move and countless times after that, even in the face of adversity.

The fruit of their lives is more than we can comprehend. Children and entire families have literally been saved and introduced to the love of Jesus because of them.

Now, over 30 years later, we are continuing their fight. Genea and I believe that God is calling the Church to rise up and take care of the orphaned, abandoned and forgotten ones.

We believe that within our lifetime, we will see an orphan-less world.

As we follow where the Lord is calling, it has led to many different places. We are now working in three nations and providing much more than orphan-care. Although it is an integral part of the solution to the immediate problem, we are creating programs and facilities that teach what it means to have a healthy family of their own. We are taking care of the orphaned, all while relentlessly fighting to see entire families restored, prospering and healthy.


Jimmy & Genea Horner
Senior Leaders of The Mission

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