There are not enough public schools for the amount of children that live in the Tijuana area. Public junior high or high schools are almost non-existent in this region; a free public education is only offered for first through sixth grade. Private schools are few and expensive, making it impossible for mid- to lower-class families to afford an education for their children. The Mission is meeting that need by offering schooling through our elementary, Jr High, and High School. The schools provide more than just a strong, Christian education. In our schools we nurture a culture of individuality, dreaming, and love… a Kingdom culture. A culture in which the directors teach our students to form identities from the truth of whom our Heavenly Father has made them to be. They are teaching children, teens, and young adults in an atmosphere that is full of expectation and hope for their futures. By investing in the educations of the children of Mexico, we are investing in the future of our nation and our world. 

School Offerings

The schools provide a foundational education of math, Spanish, history, and science. Each school offers different electives.

Elementary School: Preschool-6th grade, computer and Bible classes

Jr High & High School: 7th-12th grade, computer, English, art, music, and P.E.