School of Missions - English

La Misión School of Missions 

              We want to invite you to our La Misión School of Missions; it is not your typical school. It is set in the middle of a thriving ministry and part of a functioning church, children’s homes, family care program, healing home, elementary school, and  junior high & high school, where lives are being transformed on a daily basis. It is a school where our students not only learn about the Kingdom, but also live in its culture. This enables us to prepare people for all different types of callings and ministries. This setting creates an atmosphere of faith and risk-taking as the students participate in different areas of the ministry. Our school does not teach theory alone; students are required to put into practice what they are learning. We place high value on learning through experience. Many students are being prepared to work in churches and ministries. Yet many others will use the school as a platform to be launched into teaching positions, roles in business, administration, government, and so on. This is a program that changes lives, which will in turn change the world by bringing the Kingdom of God into their sphere of influence. 



Our vision: To raise a generation of revivalists to change their nation and the world

Our mission: That His Kingdom be established on earth as it is in Heaven

Our culture: We believe that God has ordained the family as the perfect model for the church. Love God with everything; love your neighbor as yourself. 


General Epistles
Pastoral Epistles
The Prophetic
Romans and Galatians
Various Book Studies


Overview of the Old Testament
Overview of the New Testament
Theology of God
The Prophetic
Synoptic Gospels
The Book of Acts
Various Book Studies

2018 School Year Start Date:  September 2018