The Mexico Story


This is where it all began. The Mission exists out of an act of obedience and a step of faith. In 1986, Steve and Cathy Horner said YES when God asked them to go to Mexico and take care of abused and abandoned children. They moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Tijuana to build an orphanage. An orphanage that would redefine family and love for abandoned children. In 1987 the Mission was founded out of a desire to transform a nation one child at a time.

Over the next 21 years, the Horners built and founded an orphanage, as well as a family care program, elementary schools, a Bible college, and 19 churches, all in their beloved country of Mexico.

In 2008, the ministry’s baton was passed to Steve and Cathy’s oldest son Jimmy and his wife Genea, with the intention that they would take what was begun and run with it even further. Jimmy and Genea Horner have been leading the ministry ever since. The two had been serving the Mission for their entire adult lives. Jimmy began working full-time at the ministry in 1992 at the age of 16. Genea moved to Mexico in 1994 from Weaverville, CA at the age of 17. They married at the orphanage in 1995 and have four daughters together: Jahdmy Jade, Toni, Ryann, and Stevi.  

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