The Mission is a thriving ministry that is committed to changing the world one child at a time through our multiple campuses, orphanage, family care program, church, schools, and various outreach ministries.

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-Spiral Notebooks
-Colored Pencils
-Rubber Erasers
-Expo Markers
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Water Treatment Facility

Filtration Tiers of our new Water Treatment Facility.

As you may imagine the initial leach line septic solution which was sufficient for a couple of houses and handful of kids could never come close to meeting the demands placed on it today as the Mission Tijuana hosts operates five children’s homes, a transition home and five schools, hosting hundreds of kids and teens and employing over 80 staff members. 

In 2014 the Mission - Mexico began construction on a Water Treatment Facility that would allow it to recycle waste water for irrigation purposes. In addition to relieving the stress on our overburdened leach lines we will be moving toward creating a naturally beautiful landscape for our kids to grow up in and for students to enjoy on a daily basis.

With the help of missions teams during 2015 and 2016 significant progress was made toward completion of this project. Now the Mission invites you take part in bridging the gap as we move closer than ever to completion of this massive undertaking.

La Misión 2nd Campus

In April of 2010 Jimmy and Genea Horner founded La Misión Church, the church that meets here on the Mission - Mexico/RDSN campus. God has brought explosive growth and favor to this new work as the church has cultivated a rich sense of God’s presence through worship and has strategically reached out to the Mission - Mexico’s surrounding communities. God laid it on Jimmy and Genea’s hearts to build a second campus in the heart of a community and began plans and construction in Francisco Villa in 2014.

Campus 2000 opened on Easter Sunday 2016. In addition to Sunday services the campus now hosts 3 unique events each Thursday; English Class, Campus 2000 Connection and Youth Connection. Next on the list is the remodeling the classrooms, children's ministry area and opening a new coffee shop on the campus. If you'd like to be a part of breathing even more life into Campus 2000 donate below.