He will do it again

These are our testimonies. Our breakthroughs.


Meet, Leo.


Leo is on our Senior Leadership Team and is the Worship Pastor for all of our bases. He is an incredibly anointed worship leader and was one of the first boys in our orphanage in Mexico. Leo has a gift to lead others into encounters with God through his worship and we are honored to have him in our family.

In 1989 Leo was seven years old when he and his two brothers were brought to The Mission, by social services. His father was a violent man and his mother had left them a year earlier. Since she had gone, they truly lost everything. Leo and his siblings were trying to survive in the streets of Tijuana while living in a culvert pipe with their father. 

Leo says that after arriving at The Mission, he began to experience true love for the very first time. A few years after being here, Steve and Cathy Horner, the founders of The Mission, adopted Leo into their family and loved him unto complete healing. 

Leo first held a guitar when he was 12 years old and says that something significant happened in that moment; he knew what his purpose was. He led worship for the first time when he was just 14 years old. Leo is now 38 years old; he and his wife Sandra have five beautiful children whom bring life and light to our entire Mission family. 


Meet, Susana.


In 2007, at the age of 12, Susana and her five younger siblings were brought to us by social services in Mexico. Their story was a painful one but Susana was, and still is, a natural born leader. Starting at a very young age it was often up to Susana to care of her younger siblings. We’ll never forget when she first arrived with a notepad and pencil in hand, asking us what the care and education plan for her siblings would be like.

She is fiercely loyal and we are absolutely honored and privileged to have her in our family. Susana is now a teacher in our high school and the youth pastor at our Tijuana, Mexico base. Watch her story and be filled with hope.


Meet, Ceige.


Ceige was brought to the Mexico campus, in 1997, in extremely poor health. His biological mom could not afford to care for him so she had been feeding him sugar water. Because of that, his blood was 85% water which was causing him to have a pneumonia along with many other health problems. Directly after arriving, our team took Ceige to the hospital. Along with the doctors, we cared for him until he was back to being a healthy kid
Ceige’s house mom at the time, Mary, fell in love with him and began the process of adoption.

When he was six years old he, and another boy who Mary adopted, moved to the United States. In 2015, when he was 18 years old, Ceige came back to The Mission to attend our School of Missions!

During his time here he also served as a house parent, in the same orphanage he was brought to in 1997. Ceige is a testimony of the full restoration that God has for all of His children.



Meet, Karina.


Karina is a Senior Associate Leader here at The Mission and is also the Base Director for our Mexico campus. Karina was one of the first girls in our orphanage, in Mexico.

In 1990, at eight years old, she and her four siblings were brought to us. Their mother, a single mom who was terminally ill, brought them to us because she was looking for a place where her children would be safe after she was gone.
Karina said that it was in a moment with our Founders Steve and Cathy Horner when she realized she was no longer an orphan.

It was within family that she realized she belonged, was chosen and accepted.

She is an incredible leader, mother to many, and lives and breaths the true concept of the Kingdom: family.

We love her more than we could ever say and are so honored that she chose us!


Meet, Erick.


Erick has a beautiful story that is still in the process of unfolding. When he and his sister came to our orphanage in Mexico, he was 13. Social services brought them after he had gone to school with bruises and a wound on his forehead. He had an abusive home life.  Erick’s step-dad was an alcoholic and would physically abuse Erick on a regular basis.

When he got here he said he felt relieved and that he finally felt free. Erick began to really thrive in this environment. A year later however, his mom came to take him back.

Erick didn’t want to go because he knew what that environment was like. Although their home-life hadn’t changed, she had papers that gave her legal custody.

When he arrived home with her, Erick’s step-dad was still there and was still very abusive towards him. He wasn’t safe.

Because of Erick’s persistence, his biological mother brought him back to The Mission. Erick has expressed that he chose to come back  because at The Mission, he has relationships that are steady, people who challenge him and call him into his true identity.

Erick’s story isn’t finished yet. We encourage you to watch his story, pray over him and consider partnering with us by sponsoring him, or another child like Erick, today.