11 July 2017
RDSN the Mission - Mexico
(During morning devotions)

Daniela had a lump in her breast. She got a biopsy and was told that there was something wrong and she would be contacted but they never called. She called them 5 times but got no answer.  She decided to just believe there was nothing wrong but always had that worry.
As they were praying she checked and found nothing there.

Sierra had a lump on the side of her breast a little bigger than a grape for about a year.
She said it would get bigger and hurt more when started her period. She hadn’t had a period in 3 months so she hadn’t thought about it much. They prayed for her bodyto align itself and after they were done the lump had completely disappeared.

Cristina got in an accident 8 years ago. During that time hey found out she had something underneath my armpit so she went to therapy. This week she found out she had a lump in her breast.  She said it felt "like a really hard knot and felt like nothing but bone.”  After being prayed for all of the pain left.

Jenna had Fibrocystic breast disease that she said has been really tough. She had a biopsy 13-14 years ago on one of her breasts and it was fine but they put titanium markers in there so they could monitor it.  She has had two issues where she could feel lumps in both of them.
And now she can’t feel either one of them!

Leslie had a bump under her breast for about a year that she said felt like a mohawk almost across and underneath. You couldn't see it but when someone would hug her she could feel it and it would hurt. She never got it checked out; just went about it as if she was fine.  She said she didn’t want to be prayed for but felt the Holy Spirit say, “don’t miss an opportunity.”
She raised her hand to be prayed for and now she can’t feel any pain or anything there.

Tina, for the past few years, has had a really hard golf ball sized lump in her right breast. She went and got checked for breast cancer because it really hurt.  They said it was just breast tissue and not cancer but she was always worried about it because it was so large. They prayed for her and it went from a golf ball size to a grape size. As they continued to pray it went from the size of a grape to a marble. It wasn’t getting smaller so they told her she should go testify that it was significantly smaller. As she was on her way to the stage, Daniela stopped her and said "I’m going to pray for 100% healing.”  She went to check it out and it was completely gone!

8 July 2017
Tijuana, Mexico
(Community Outreach during JCME)

Armando and Oscar met a man who had a problem in his knee and, recently, could not walk.  He smelled like alcohol and seemed to be drunk. They prayed and said that he started to vomit and he felt better but still could not walk. As they prayed again, he stood up and said the pain left.  He gave his life to Christ right there.  His family was there watching and they also gave their lives to Christ as well.

Grace said she had a vision of an aloe plant and a flower before leaving for outreach. While out in the community she saw that exact one right in the middle of a lady's front yard and knew it was from the Holy Spirit.  After going to the house and sharing the love of God, Gloria (a single mom) and two others with her all came to accept Christ!

Andres has suffered pain in his sciatica and experienced tingling in his left foot for months. After he was prayed for he felt no more pain.

Juan Carlos received prayer for his broken arm.  He had been in moderate pain for two months because of it but after prayer he said that all the pain left and that his arm was completely healed!

6 July 2017
RDSN the Mission - Mexico
(During JCME, Jimmy Horner called out several words of knowledge for healing)

Oscar, a teenager from Tijuana, Mexico had an unsuccessful surgery on his deviated septum in his nose when he was 5 years old. The people near him laid hands on him and declared healing for his nose. Oscar said he felt his nose “correct itself”! Afterward he could breathe easily through both of his nostrils; something he had never been able to do!

Holly, 18 years old, from Minnesota was in a car accident when she was 10.  She injured her neck and back and has dealt with chronic headaches ever since.  That night she had a headache with a pain level of “10” and was about to leave the meeting when she heard someone say that God was healing headaches.  “He just described everything that I felt so I stood up and had people come pray over me and in less than a minute it was gone completely.  It doesn’t hurt anymore!”

Gabi was having difficulty breathing for 3 weeks.  She said she had to forcefully breathe to get air.  The first time they prayed she felt something and then started to feel better. The second time they prayed she said she felt heat. The third time the air flowed without restriction!

Victoria had flat feet and had difficulty walking.  She was in pain off and on over the last 6 months.  During worship she said God told her to just focus on Him. When they prayed for her healing she felt heat and now has no pain.

Kathy tore a ligament in her left ankle a year ago and had pain off and on. That night sher she said it was swollen and aching with a pain level of 8-9. She had been considering surgery and almost stayed home to have surgery instead of coming to JCME. She was actually outside the building where it was cooler and more comfortable for her foot when her friend came out and told her to come inside because they were calling out her injury. As she began walking into the building her foot started feeling better. After prayer all the pain went away!
Nicole had an eye with an inflamed nerve for one week. As she was prayed for she said she felt heat in her eye and all of the pain left!

Alondra couldn’t see well in both eyes for two weeks.  Before prayer she couldn’t see or read her name tag clearly but now she can.

Juanito had pain in his eye every day for two weeks. He said he felt peace during the prayer and the pain left completely.

Erika had flashes in her eyes and a lot of pain for three months. After receiving prayer the pain and flashes left and now she can see clearly.