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Short Term Missions Trips.

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On average, we have the pleasure of hosting over 1,500 a year at both our Romania and Mexico campus.


We believe everyone is called to a lifestyle of missions. As children of God, we are called to live and love like Jesus wherever we go! We have been hosting teams from around the world for over 30 years. It is an honor to partner with the families, friends and churches that join us in our pursuit of an orphan-less world. Our hope is that you and your group experience the presence of God as you serve others and that those encounters with the heart of the Father transform your own communities and cities as you take those experiences back home.

Our short term missions trips are available at both our Mexico and Romania campus. It is only through partnerships like this that we have been able to physically and spiritually grow our campus. Every orphanage home, classroom, sidewalk and every other building on our campus has been built by visiting missions teams.


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Daily Worship & Devotions

Community Outreach Programs 

Construction Work Project 

High Ropes Challenge Course *only in Mexico

Meals & Housing Provided On Campus

Assistance With Transportation  *optional



3 Day/ 2 Night: $180.00
5 Day/ 4 Night: $293.00
7 Day/ 6 Night: $399.00
10 Day/ 9 Night: $549.00


3 Day/ 2 Night: $189.00
5 Day/ 4 Night: $307.00
7 Day/ 6 Night: $419.00
10 Day/ 9 Night: $577.00

Pricing is per person. Food and lodging are included but transportation is not and will vary.



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Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture, Sacramento CA, Director      

"The Mission is a ministry that Jesus Culture is proud to partner with. We believe that God is raising up a new breed of revivalists in the nations of the earth and that this ministry, led by Jimmy and Genea Horner, are part of that new breed. They carry the DNA of radical love and raw power as they not only raise up young revivalists but transform lives and cities in Mexico, Nicaragua and Romania. Not only do they passionately display the heart of God as they minister to orphans and the poor but they also preach a Gospel of Power. The testimonies of the supernatural coupled with lives being radically changed is extraordinary. I would highly recommend to anyone or any group that is wanting to go to the next level of ministry and the supernatural to partner with The Mission." 

Bret Allen, Bethel Church AG, San Jose CA, Senior Pastor

"The Mission is a special location that is favored by God. This small patch of land is a place of changed lives. God has a 30+ year track record of changing not just the lives of those who live there but also those who visit and serve."

Eric Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding CA, Senior Leader

"We have been a part of the Mission family for over 25 years. The history and foundation that this ministry has been founded on is one that carries a pure passion to see people know Jesus. We highly recommend partnering with them and jumping into the momentum of revival that is taking place in Mexico, Nicaragua and Mexico. They are doing an exceptional job of creating a culture and a place for people to encounter God. Be a part of something that is bringing freedom and life to the nations."