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Each day, The Mission Nicaragua directly  impacts the lives of over 140 children through family care, a feeding program and boys home.


Nicaragua is a beautiful, raw and adventurous nation with kind and hospitable people despite being the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere. With poverty being rampant throughout the nation, families feel powerless to stay united and children are forced from their homes. They often end up on the streets to fend for themselves in their pre-teen years. On the streets they turn to drugs, huffing glue, to numb the pain of hunger and abandonment.

Since 2016, The Mission has been partnering and building with existing ministries in Nicaragua and investing in this beautiful nation.

Although additional child sponsorship is not yet available for the programs we are involved in, you can partner with us by financially contributing directly to the programs below.


What the Nicaragua campus offers.


In September 2016 we began partnering with an existing children’s home that cares for teenage boys and expanded The Mission to the city of Matagalpa. The full-time boys home, typically averaging eight boys at a time, rescues children and teens from lifestyles of substance abuse and living on the streets after dealing with neglect, abuse and extreme poverty. We are there when they decide they want to make a change in their lives. 

In some cases the boys are first transitioned into rehab centers and then into the home with legal permission of their parents or guardians. The boys come voluntarily, and although they are making a commitment to our program, they are also free to leave at any point. The government or parents do not provide financial support. The boys home team cares for 100% of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our desire is to help these kids step out of the orphan mindset and into new identities as children in the family of the King of Kings.



The average wage earned in Nicaragua is $2 per day, making childcare a luxury, not a necessity. Because government assistance for childcare is unavailable, many children are left home alone or in the care of older siblings that should be in school.In 2017 The Mission began partnering with a local feeding program that has expanded to include family care, at no cost to the family. 

Our desire is to help these kids step out from under a poverty mindset and build new identities as children destined for greatness. We believe that through partnering with their parents to raise up the next generation of world leaders, educators, fathers and mothers, skilled craftsmen, artists, scientists, and more. We do this by intentionally showing them the Father’s love in an environment that encourages individuality, grows decision making skills, and seeks relationship with our Heavenly Father.