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Each day, The Mission Romania directly  impacts the lives of over 80 children through family care and education programs.


Through a series of divine appointments we found ourselves in the city of Sighişoara, Romania which is in the heart of Transylvania. Several years ago the Lord began speaking to us about Europe saying that He was flooding the continent with His presence and that we were to be part of it. When Jimmy and Genea Horner, our Senior Leaders, crossed the border into Romania for the first time they knew that this was the country He wanted the Mission to be working in.

Romania is a nation with rolling green hills, rich earth, a beautiful people and at the same time overwhelming need. It has been less than thirty years since the fall of communism and the land and the people are still in the process of healing as they embrace the freedom they had been starving for. In such a small country of just over 19 million people, there are over 60,000 orphans and many more children who are living at risk. In the poorer communities family dynamics have broken down, the majority of the children do not even make it to the fourth grade.

Our first view of the building was startling, five stories and over 80,000 square feet. All of our main campus buildings in Mexico could fit inside but as we walked through the facility we knew it was right.

In April 2017 we signed a purchase agreement for the facility and we are continually in awe of His provision and the generosity of His people.

Today, we are asking you to continue partnering with us to finish what He has started. We wholeheartedly believe it will be an investment that will bear fruit throughout eternity. 

We need to raise $450,000 to finish paying for the building and while that sounds like such a large sum of money, it doesn't even come close to the value of the lives that will be saved and transformed. 

What the Romania Campus offers.



Due to restrictions put in place by the Romanian government, we are not yet able to provide orphan-care. Our team is in the process of trying to rectify this. Currently, we are providing 12 hour care for the children. Because government assistance for childcare is unavailable, many children are left home alone or in the care of older siblings. We are currently maintaining an average of 80 children in our family care program. Since 2017 we have been transporting the children from their homes, providing three meals a day and an education for school aged children. Our desire is to introduce each of these children to the Father’s love and nurture their identities as children of God.


As we are in the very beginnings of remodeling our facility, The Mission offers schooling for pre-school and through first grade. We transport children to and from their homes and they are with us all day. We shower and provide the children with fresh uniforms each day. For children in second grade and up, we help them enroll into a public school and transport them there. After school, they spend the afternoon with our team. We work hard to provide more than just a solid education. In our school we nurture a culture of individuality, dreaming and love… a Kingdom culture.



Each week, our team loves people in the surrounding Gypsy villages. In a nation that has a long history of racial divide between Romanian nationals, Gypsys and foreigners, we have seen incredible breakthrough in this area. We host weekly outreach programs that include cleaning up neighborhoods, giving out clean water, mobile evangelism nights and more. When we have visiting missions teams, they always join us in our efforts.



Each year we host visiting teams for short term missions. The partnership that comes through these trips have been crucial for our growth as a ministry. It is only through their help that we have physically and spiritually built this ministry. You can learn more here.


Since 1987, The Mission has built 19 churches throughout Mexico, for other ministries. Today, The Mission's own local church is growing and thriving. There are two church campuses in the Tijuana, Mexico area and one at their base in Romania. The Mission Church is a house of worship at its core and places high value on teaching its children, growing relationships and being a blessing and influence on the community.