April 2018


Our Family Care Program, in Romania, is a place where our team gets to guide children in a time of encountering God, as well as care for them practically.  We provide a safe place, where they get to just be kids, feed them and also set aside time for academic tutoring.

In January we moved our Family Care program into one of our local gypsy villages.  We have seen a lot of favor in this village, allowing us to make great relationships and have seen many miracles within the families there.  Now that the program is there, we have seen a significant impact on the children of this village and we are so excited to see the testimonies that are coming from this!  We get to introduce them to God’s love, our love, fill their bellies, and give them a hand up on skills that will help them succeed in life.



If you have been to our Mexico base, you have experienced “1st, 2nd and 3rd John” (the outhouses). We are so happy to announce that our new  bathrooms are done!  With the completion of the first two stages of our water treatment  system, we were able to open our beautiful new bathrooms! We started the bathroom project’s foundation in July of 2016, during one of our Jesus Culture Missions Experiences.  Throughout the last few years, by the help of visiting groups, the rest of the building was finished.  Thank you to all who contributed to this project!



This is Victor; he was addicted to drugs and street life.  Instead of going home to his family, he spent his days and nights on the streets in dangerous neighborhoods. 

Victor came into our program at the age of 15, where he was provided a safe and stable home to grow in and to be loved unconditionally.  He has worked hard to change his life.  Now, Victor loves to study and dreams of running his own business one day.  Victor is currently in high school and is attending a trade school on weekends where he is learning to cut hair.  

We share stories like these because they are not only the fruit of our labor, and testimony of God’s faithfulness, but yours too!  These are your victories and testimonies.  Thank you so much for continuing to partner with us.