February 2018

MEXICO: Restoring families

Some time ago, Maximiliano (5yrs), Jonathan (14yrs) and their mom, Maribel,  heard of our family care program through a friend.  Maribel was in need of safe childcare for her two kids so she could work full time and keep her small family together. 

In November 2017, Maribel received bad news from relatives stating that two of her nephews had been picked up by child protective services and custody was removed from their parents because of severe neglect. 

Maribel remained hopeful for her nephews situation and began praying for the opportunity to take them into her home.  She fervently pursued a way to gain custody of the boys.  Maribel received the favor she’d been seeking and was granted custody of both boys, which is highly unusual in our social services department; Maribel is a single mom of two and living off of one income.  The social worker assigned to the case told Maribel that she was granted custody because she had lined up safe childcare, with us,  for her nephews ahead of time.

In the beginning of January we were introduced to Ivan (8yrs) and Adrian (9yrs) on their first day entering our family care program.  Our family care has made it possible for these boys to not see the inside of an orphanage and to be introduced to our Heavenly Father.  

MEX _Boys_1.JPG

NICARAGUA: New Feeding Program

After 2 years of working with street boys in Matagalpa, we have begun to take steps towards phase 2 of our program; prevention. To determine the needs of at risk children and to feed hungry bellies, we started a feeding program in November, 2017. 

We currently feed about 100 children daily and this community is fast becoming a small church as we teach the children about The Father who loves them. In the next 2 months we will be assessing needs and then launching programs to keep children in school, in healthy social settings and off the streets. 

ROMANIA: Praying For Healing

Margarita found a lump in one of her breasts about a year ago and had a doctor exam it.  It grew large enough to become physically uncomfortable and caused her pain.  A few members of our team were ministering in the community near her home and were led to her to pray.  As they prayed Margarita began to feel heat in her chest and the pain in her breast faded away!  A few days later, she went back to her doctor where they took a scan of the tumor and confirmed that it had shrunk considerably!