February 2019


This month in Mexico, we were beyond excited to welcome two new groups of siblings into our family! All of the kids were brought to us by social services because their basic needs were not being provided. Each one of them are full of life and we are so looking forward to experiencing their individual gifts and personalities! Please partner with us by covering them in prayer during this time of transition. Their arrival truly was an answer to prayer! Matilda, who has been in the orphanage for a few months, experienced the faithfulness of God the day that the new kids arrived. Before coming to The Mission, Matilda was best friends with Maria Guadalupe (pictured). They were placed in a social services holding center before arriving with us. Matilda had been praying for friendship and a sense of family here at The Mission and was completely overjoyed when Maria arrived! Matilda and Maria have encountered the love of a Father who knows the desires of their hearts, completely.

Yatziri (2), Sergio (5), Citlali (8), Jesús Antonio (10), Carlos Adrián (11), Julissa (11) and María Guadalupe (14)



romania newsletter Feb 19-4.jpg

During the after school program in Romania, our team felt led teach the kids how to encounter God wherever they are. Most of the kids in the program are hearing and learning about God for the very first time during their time with us. One of our greatest privileges is teaching them that they each have access to their loving Father, everywhere they go! During the prayer led encounter, our team was so encouraged to see the amount of peace that filled the kids’ faces. Each of them were so filled with His presence and we are excited to see the testimonies that come from this, as they take His presence back to their families.


Priscilla is four years old and the youngest in her family. Due to malnourishment caused by the severe poverty her family was living in, Priscilla spent over six months in a re-nutrition center. Since returning from the center, Priscilla has joined our feeding program with her two older sisters and many cousins!

Doris, Priscilla’s mother, reached out to our team for prayer because Priscilla was hospitalized with pneumonia. Our team prayed with Doris and went to visit Priscilla in the hospital later that day. By the time they got there, Priscilla was already seeing major improvement! Soon after the visit we received word that Priscilla was out of danger and home with her family! We are rejoicing not only because Priscilla was healed, but because her mother reached out for prayer in a time of need.  It is a complete joy to work towards seeing transformation and healing within the entire family. Our team is filled with hope for this family and the many others we interact with each day!