January 2019


Kiko (Jesus Alberto) arrived in 2013, when he was just five years old. He and his two siblings were placed in the orphanage because of an abusive home life. Because of that, they did not trust people and were not taught to value education.

For the past five years our community has had the privilege of fighting for love and family for Kiko and his siblings. Now, Kiko loves to serve wherever he goes! At school he is always the first to arrive so he can assist his teacher. Kiko is an influencer of peace and loves learning new things. Stories like this are beautiful reminders of why we do what we do. We live and breathe to rescue, love and restore the orphan!




Gabriel and Ciprian are both 10 years old and have been in our after school program for the last six months. They both experience neglect in their home lives; getting very little supervision, affection or encouragement from their families.

Along with our family care program, our team works with families to get their children enrolled in public school. Even though these boys are above the normal age bracket, we enrolled them in kindergarten. Since then, the teacher has told us that Ciprian is her best student and that, despite his many medical issues and underdevelopment, Gabriel is learning to read and write! We will continue to work with the family and guide these young boys as they grow. They both have a bright future and we are so honored to be able to play a part in it!


Milagros is 13 years old and considers our feeding program her second home. She has consistently participated since we first introduced the program to the community in Matagalpa.

Since knowing Milagros we’ve seen her grow behaviorally and in so many other ways. She was afraid to speak in public and often had difficulty communicating her needs. We are honored to walk alongside Milagros and support her as she grows and takes challenges head on! Now, she is intentionally conquering her fear of speaking in public. So much so that she often volunteers to pray for the food during the program. Some of our most rewarding moments are seeing her during worship; weightless and carefree before God. Our heart is to not only help with the basic physical needs but to create a safe place where we teach children how to walk in confidence with their Father.