July 2018


Jonathon Enrique was brought to us in 2012 with his older brother Jesus.  Through the years Enrique has grown into a very smart and handsome young man, excelling in sports and building strong relationships with his fellow students and leaders! Enrique began the 5th grade this year and in the beginning it was proving to be quite the challenge for both him and his teacher.  Our education team quickly began forming a plan of action!  They all knew how intelligent Enrique was and his ability to learn quickly proved to be an essential key in his fast turn around.   After a few months of hard work the director of the school met with Enrique telling him,  “I believe in you! You are so smart and we believe that you are ready for the next step.  We are promoting you to 6th grade!”  Enrique was shocked; his hard work paid off!  That morning, he excitedly walked over to his new classroom with a fresh hope for his future.  Enrique continues to thrive in his 6th grade classroom and has become one of the top students.  This July, he will graduate and advance to the junior high!  We are so proud and honored to have him in our family!



There is growth happening in Romania!  We have recently accepted 15 new children, from two different villages, into our family care program.  We are so excited to see unity developed between villages as their children begin to build friendships with one another.   In May we began introducing a time of worship for the children in our family care program.  During this time, we are able to teach the children what worship is and why we do it; we are coming together as a family, to love God and to be loved by Him!  During one of these services, one of our boys shared that he experienced God’s presence and joy for the first time!  It is such an honor to be able to create a space where children can learn how to worship our heavenly Father.  Please continue to pray with us as we introduce these families to the love of our Father!



Our feeding program in Matagalpa feeds anywhere from 50 to 150 children each day.  We are overwhelmed by the response of each and every child that walks through our doors and it is an honor to love them in this way!   Two sisters, five and eight years old, have attended our program since the beginning.  They both live in extreme poverty and suffer from neglect, hunger, malnutrition and abuse; often they are left to fend for themselves while their single mother is away.  It has been a joy to show them the love of Jesus every time they join us for the feeding program.  Since being a part of the program, we’ve seen them begin to feel more and more at home with our team!  Now, they run through the gates and greet us with big smiles and hugs; wrapping their arms and legs around us!  Please continue to partner with us in prayer as we love these girls and the many others who join us each week.