November 2017 - Stories from the Mission

Mexico:  I Am Giving You Sons
In the last 3 months we have seen the Lord moving in new ways on the hearts of our teenage boys. During prayer for our Mexico campus we felt the Lord say, “I am giving you sons.” Although we were not entirely sure what that meant, we began praying daily for the young men in our environment.  It has been so beautiful to see this promise of breakthrough unfold!  One teenage boy in particular, José Maria, who had struggled for years in school, has recently made major improvements in his reading and writing. Many had written him off as unable to learn, but because of his breakthrough, he is beginning to get back on track with the rest of his class!

Over the past several months, we have seen our boys begin to seek out and pursue fathers and mothers who would teach them what it means, and looks like, to truly be sons.  The boys have come alive in new ways and we consider it an honor to love them unto complete healing. 


Nicaragua:  Restoration of Families
We are deeply in love with the nation of Nicaragua and its people. And we are happy to announce that we have just opened a feeding program, in the heart of Matagalpa, for children in the community there. Our goal is to strengthen families of at-risk children by providing them with basic necessities as well as a safe and loving environment. 

This feeding program will allow us a glimpse into the lives of hungry, at-risk children, while enabling us to identify the needs of the families and to learn how we can be a part of their restoration. We are passionately pursuing the establishment of strong family units within the community. Through this, we will help see that children are in school, loved and supported, and off the streets. 


Romania:  Growing Roots
Construction has begun! Our team has just hosted their first missions group and is currently working on the construction of staff housing.

It was such an impactful time for both our team and the group from California. They were up early for morning devotions, worked all day and even took time to have fun with the kids in our after school program.  

This group of guys has been partnering with us and bringing teams to serve in Mexico for over 28 years. It was an honor to join with the same friends who helped build our Mexico base as we work towards building our new base in Romania!

Our Romania campus is now accepting missions groups and would love to have you join them. This season of establishment has been one of increasing faith and the Lord has come through in radical ways. If you’re interested in being a part of this story by coming as a group to serve at our Romania base, simply email:


Christmas is Here!
To help us make this Christmas an unforgettable one for our kids, contact us at:      or 619.661.9232