October 2017 - One Ministry, Three Bases

Mexico: Keeping Families Together
A few weeks ago, young Nohemi went home saying, “Mom, I love this place [family care]. They listen to me, pay attention to my needs, help me, always ask if I am ok and they give me options on what I can do. I feel loved, I love this place.” 

After the third day of hearing her daughter talk about how much she loved the family care program, Nohemi’s mom called the La Misión office to say,  “I need to meet you all. My kids are happy and safe. I am so grateful for this place.” 

Being a single mom, the family care program has played a key part in keeping her family together. We are so grateful for the opportunity to love people well through this program. 

Eleven-year-old Nohemi and her three siblings (ages: 8, 5 and 2) are one of many new families that we have welcomed into the program. 


Nicaragua: Transformed by the Love of Jesus
We met Gilber through our feeding program for homeless youth.  He was forced to live on the streets from a young age and had become an icon in the community as a leader among the local street boys who numbed their pain by huffing glue.  After a few months of experiencing the love from our team he asked for help.  He has been in our boys home for two years, clean and sober, and is now leading people to Jesus.  Gilber is a constant reminder of what a life transformed by the love of God looks like.


Romania: Open Doors and Invitations
For the last year our prayer going into Romania has been, “Lord, open doors and bring invitations from the city”. We picked a start date for our family care center of January 1, 2018 not knowing exactly where to start, only that we were to love and care for families.

In the last week of July we received a phone call from the principal of the main public elementary school in our city.  He explained that he had been following the purchase of our building and looked up who we were and what we have been doing in Mexico.  He then invited us to begin family care with the children of the public school system throughout Sighișoara. He explained that the kids need additional tutoring, food, and something constructive to do in the afternoons, but that he doesn't have the resources to make that happen. With the open door to minister to the kids within the public school system we began September 19th with fifty children. We are beyond thankful for this incredible open door and invitation!  


Christmas is Here!

Christmas will be upon us before we know it.  If you would like to help us make this Christmas unforgettable one for our kids, please contact us at: or 619.661.9232.