Here at RDSN the Mission we are dedicated to teaching and demonstrating that living a lifestyle of Jesus is not only possible but is also our mandate as His kids! We pursue this directive by training our children, students, and Missions Experience participants to hear God and stand confidently in the knowledge that they carry the solution to every problem, sickness, or circumstance that does not align with heaven, because Jesus lives in them. This is one of our greatest joys, to see heaven invade earth when a child of God steps into a circumstance.

This summer we hosted thousands of people from teams all over the world: USA, England, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. We trained them and sent them out into neighborhoods all over Tijuana to demonstrate the power of Jesus to those they encountered. We wanted to share some of the testimonies that came from their Missions Experience with you hoping that they will encourage and inspire you! You carry the solution to every problem you confront because of Who has taken up residence in you, Jesus Christ!


Grace, a young attendee of a Missions Experience group from the US, saw a picture of a large aloe vera plant in front of a small home in her mind’s eye when she asked Holy Spirit to give her a picture of the “treasure” she would encounter during community outreach. Later that day she went out to a nearby community with her team to help clean up a city block. While walking past a house she noticed the aloe plant in the front yard of a small home, the exact same plant she’d seen in her imagination earlier! She spoke to the lady that lived there through an interpreter that RDSN provided and shared how she came to find her. Grace communicated to her how much her Savior had done for her and how He loved her. The lady accepted Christ right then and there, as did the rest of her family! A whole household was saved because of one brave person willing to go where the Lord led her!

During a church service Jimmy Horner called out several words of knowledge for healing. One was  that someone here could not breath through their nose normally due to an issue with their septum. A teenager, Oscar, stood up because when he was 5 years old he’d had an unsuccessful surgery on his deviated septum in his nose. The people near him laid hands on him and declared healing for his nose. Oscar said he felt his nose “correct itself!” Afterward he could breathe easily through both of his nostrils which is something he had never been able to do!

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“It has been a joy and an honor to be able to partner with RDSN the Mission and with Jimmy and Genea and all the work that they are doing there.
It’s really incredible to hear the testimonies of lives changed, cultures transformed and to really be able to see a ministry that carries such an incredible heart of God, faith for the power of God to be made manifest, and a heart for people.

(Through the Missions Experience) I really believe there is an impartation that will come to you through this ministry.  And that God wants to grab a hold of your heart as He has RDSN's and really put an anointing and authority on your life to go back from this into whatever city you came from and see impact.”
- Banning Liebscher (Jesus Culture Lead Pastor)

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