July 2019


This June, over 300 people joined us from all over the world, at our Mexico base, to pursue the presence of God together and see heaven come to earth. This was our sixth year partnering with Jesus Culture for the annual JCME trip and it really is one of our favorite times of the year! 

Our hearts were so moved as we saw people hungry and ready to see God move not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of those they served. We saw God restore health, mend broken hearts and pour out His love on His people. We are overwhelmed by the goodness and the kindness of God over these last three days and are so excited to see how cities and nations will be changed because of the encounters that were had here. 

During the trip, there were times of worship and teaching with the Jesus Culture team, community outreach, VBS, work project and some fun was had on our high ropes course. Thank you to all who joined us as we poured into the beautiful nation of Mexico! 



On the last night of JCME, we take the time to hear testimonies of what God has done. One of our favorite testimonies this year was from Cliff, a JCME participant from Sacramento. Before community outreach, teams were asked to participate in a treasure hunt, which is asking God for clues to look for while out in the community. He received a picture of the number 12 and a person that had something wrong with their eye. While out in the community, he came across a house with the number 12 on it and decided that this was his clue! 

He went to the house and met a woman who had a bandage under her eye and discovered that she had cancer that was affecting her face. Because of that she hadn’t been able to cry for 5 years. So Cliff prayed for her and as he prayed she began to cry! He also received the name Josue, which was the name of the woman’s late husband. He prayed over her again and the joy and peace of God filled her.

The amazing part of this testimony is that Cliff was healed of cancer years earlier and was able to freely give what he had been given!

Join us next year for JCME in Romania! April 2-5, 2020, save the date!